There is other life out there.

Mithril of Newhaven
Roy and Madeline Hibberd
Tue 21 Jan 2014 14:22

14:10.478N 53:49.506W

A day nearer. We caught a small blue fin tuna yesterday, had it raw for starters, seared with roasted sesame seeds and a thai salad for main and Ann's chocolate mousse for sweet. If you think we are obsessed about food you are probably right but what else do you do on a 2000 mile voyage. Another boat had to keep reefing in their main overnight as squalls came and when I commented that was hard work their reply was at least it was something to do, obssessing about food is more pleasurable! We saw a German yacht yesterday, Sapphire, and spoke to him on the VHF. He is going to Barbados too but going a bit slower than  us and rolling a lot. We also have a brown booby following us and we have seen some planes flying over so we are not alone.