12:46.825N 42:28.367W

Sun 3 Dec 2017 22:07

12:46.825N 42:28.367W

Knot on Call Blog 3rd December - Day 15
Featuring Guest Editors - Joyce and Phil 

UHT is missing from the fridge
Graham is on the helm
Phil is using the toaster
Triff is preparing granola in the galley
John is looking for his glasses
Pat is catching up on sleep after a Saturday night shift
Breakfast has been staggered over the last 3 hours 
We are down to the last 50 oranges which means . . . . . .

Life on Knot on Call is pretty much as usual except I'm here as one of your guest editors of the blog

Yesterday we made a deep dive south, highly recommended by our weather router and the midday position put us as the southernmost boat of the fleet heading for Brazil, undeterred we gybed north to our current 12, 53.174N  42,19.509 W followed by another gybe later today which will have us heading for the southerly waypoint 12.30 south.

The fishing lines were out with octopus lure but no takers

The higher winds have given us a higher sea state and the Sunday roast is being postponed until it settles, just in case the roast potatoes jump out of the oven door ,there is also a lot more weed so no fishing ,therefore no fish for tea either unless its tinned tuna, quite what will be on the menu remains to be seen ,so long as its not lentils there will be few crew objections (objections may be overruled - the Chef!)

The trade winds are pushing us gently NW at 19.4 knots as I type with a boat speed of 8.3 knots

Last night under an almost full moon we passed several ships none of which were close enough to see but provided excitement on the screen, breaking up the top gear episodes currently running back to back. Although the moonlight has stopped the star gazing ,the travelling at high speed into the dark makes for exhilarating sailing and is helped by drinking Nescafe at 1 1/2 hour intervals, brewed at the same time as the log is recorded

So just a little about liquids - Nescafe ( other coffees are available ), I should say, is not the favoured drink of all crew being looked down upon by those who favour Cafetiere, Filter and Bovril drinks, and is placed just below tea. We are still on the first bottle of Lemon squash and the first tank of water other bottled water being closely monitored and issued by the Chief Medical Officer.

Sea water, widely available, is used for washing everything except teeth. We have  5 bottles of washing up liquid remaining so no excuse for any dirty dishes in the sink

Anyhow time to hit the cockpit so its goodbye from me
and its goodbye from him
Guest Editors Phil and Joyce driving the bus
1200 miles to go at 8.68 knots mmm perhaps!
Hang washing to leeward avoids confusion with incoming squall

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