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Sat 2 Dec 2017 13:14
13:16.605N 38:15.100W
Knot on Call Blog 1st December - Day 13
Half Way Celebrations
Yes we are finally more than half way from Las Palmas to Gran Canaria or 1320 miles to go and 1380 miles down the track. The trouble is because of the vagaries of the wind we have actually sailed 1800 miles. Not to be put off we had the half way celebration dinner of Rib Eye steak and sweet potatoes chips followed by M&S Belgian chocolates that we picked up at the local Spar just down the road. Phil regaled us with his Ant & Dec routines and right on time the wind blew 20 knots as we sat down to eat but we were ready for it and not a single chip was lost.
We are running a 3 watch system and the Cumbrian Cacklers in the shape of Phil and Joyce were caught turning the generator on in the dead of night so they could use the toaster to make marmite on toast for their mid night feast, well the batteries did need charging I suppose! We are now learning to turn it on at breakfast so we can all have marmite and peanut butter on toast - the simplest things can be so luxurious on a boat especially as the bread is now 2 weeks old!
So the day continues - go down the track, gybe the boat, gybe again, down the track etc etc for the next 2 days, trying hard to go west with a bit of south to reach that big orange sign post in the sea that says turn right here for St Lucia 850 miles! We are running a book on our ETA St Lucia. Will we miss our flight home on the 12th December or get there in time for a rum punch or three. The wind needs to stay as true as it is now, 18 knots easterly, for the next 9-10 days and we may be able to have a night out. If not ??? Actually the lure of South America is still strong it is now only 800 miles away!
Recycling is now important, pack everything in and everything out. Food waste mainly peelings, tea bags and kitchen roll goes over the side. Most cardboard was left in Las Palmas so food bags go in general waste of which after 2 weeks there are only two black sacks of waste in the dinghy out the back in the garage, pretty good. Plastic bottles and cans are washed and crushed and my home made state of the art can crusher is invaluable!!
Great views of a graceful sea bird circling the boat hunting flying fish frightened up by the boats shadow, smart animals. Blue planet has nothing to worry about 20 shots for one very average photo.
Tomorrow we have guest editors in the form of Phil and Joyce who will enter the diary room at around 21:00 hrs - watch this space for a different and possibly irreverent take on life aboard.

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