start 50:07.28N 0:41.5W

Thu 15 Aug 2013 17:58
well ..what to say late rush to boat after frantic prep and l should not have had third beer last night as it failed to knock me out.
great fish and chips set me up though
leaving was emotional and strange with so much going on but going right ...those that count know
this leg is H and me - so start of short handed prep for the bigger crossings to come
cold rough and grey to start and usual 'what am l doing here' thoughts so l practiced my sleeping techniques which worked a treat
and left H to set up sails etc before falling asleep l thought what would we all feel and be when next year we round the Bill
without any more a do l went horizontal and out
2 hours later woke to find with winds at SW we were going more to Dover than Portugal so with a deadline we changed course
seas have eased a bit though good swell now some 8 hours in and running parallel to English Channel TSS - blue sky but cold
H eaten two days of rations while old boy regrets having forgotten tonic and cant just yet face those pork pies