Saturday 7th December

Ian Matthews
Sat 7 Dec 2013 16:14
Yesterday was virtually a complete flat calm.  We wallowed in the sea practically not moving.  We managed a swim around the boat but that was the highlight of the day.  Then the wind returned and by 6pm we were moving at 5 knots.  By 8pm we had the small spinnaker (“gennaker”) up and were going towards 9 knots.  At 5 am we put up the big spinnaker and have been planing at 11+ knots ever since.  We have done 80 nm in 8 hours.  This is very exciting sailing as the boat accelerates up on the plane in gusts or on a wave.  At last, we can see our way home.
Overcast and hot.  We are told the wind will remain but we should have sunshine later today.
At 16.13 we were at 19 38.078 N, 49 42.982 W.