Thursday 5th December

Ian Matthews
Thu 5 Dec 2013 17:22
We had a lovely night for stargazing and relaxing.  About 10 knots of wind and about 5-6 knots of travel.  Frustrating but beautiful.
Yesterday we saw 2 whales – one came alongside and Ru (who got the best view) said it was just over half the length of the boat, so about 25 ft.  Another tracked us at about 100m off the stern for about half an hour or more.
The day has been much the same.  A little more wind but very slow progress.  It is really hot especially inside the boat.  Dolphins paid us a visit and we found a tiny squid on the deck.
At 17.20 UT we were at 20 00.923 N. 45 36.506 W