Hopeful destination.

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Steven ginger
Tue 23 Dec 2014 14:02
Well our quest to get further south is still going, although very slow indeed. Quite frustrating as Christmas Day is looming and to be in Madeira for Christmas shall be nice.
Food is getting low as only anticipated four days of travel and be about six. (School boy error on my part) and out of milk,major issue.

Constant looking at the clouds and the wind wave forecasts still reveal not a lot of wind.
They say it can't rain all the time.

Everyone hear is missing loved one as it get closer to this festive season,we have our mini tree and lights and blessed to have the support from all.

Regular movie nights have kept us sane from the boredom of the dreaded night watch. Zombie watch,dog watch what ever you call those bad hours from midnight to six or in our case nine as does not get light till 8.45am.

Finally have the sun come out so hope to see some wild life swimming around and not just josh running around in his bed shorts! Eeeee!

Best Christmas wishes and will be in touch Christmas Day.

Steven Ginger

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