monday may 27

Mon 27 May 2019 11:18
47.23 N 12.41 W
Gertie has the bit between her teath, she has spent the night trotting along at a steady 7 plus knots, she shunned the predicted north 8 knot wind and found some north west 14 knot in stead; far more to her licking.
The sun has risen in the east, always a good sign, we briefly were folowed by a bird, cerytainly not an Albatros , possably a barn owl ; but more likly a Fulmar. Paul is the resident twitcher and his verdict was Fulmar.
Cabin is 17.5 sea is 17.5 cockpit is 7.5
Think it is a bank holiday in UK, Paul missed a concert last night, we presumed it was snowing and raining in the UK, normal for a UK holiday.
1/3 Ric also missed a function last night, we guessed Holland was also suffering from poor weather.
Looking like Lymington on Thursaday is favorite at this time for landfall; but to early to predict.