Back to Conwy

Mon 28 Sep 2009 19:37
A busy weekend, Fri was spent putting all the things back on to get her ready to take her back to Conwy. Not that it was going to be a sail with no wind, but we thought we should have the sails on her.
I was going for a simpler navigation technique to avoid my usual short cut via the IOM, leave Pwllhelli turn right and keep the land on the right, until you see a gap then go through it.
David had assured me that the boat fits under the bridges, the wires are at 21m, and Bundeena's air draft is 19.7m not including the antenna, it was a small tide, and we would be going under them at night so we would see them to worry about.
The water maker and the generator worked fine, and we stopped for pizza and a DVD at Porth Dinllaen, and used as much electricity as we could.
Conwy hadn't missed us at all, and had parked another boat in our spot. All tired up and ready for bed at 0530 Sat.