We've made it as far as Holyhead

Mon 19 Oct 2009 18:49
So in our travel to warmer climates in the south we find ourselves now further north, but at least we are a little bit further west than when we started.
Things were going well, 10 knots was becoming the normal speed, so were around Carmel head in good time, and flying across Holyhead bay, passing out into the Irish sea, planning to tack back in and spend the night at Porth Dinllaen.
When the wind hit 30 knots, with the barometer dropping like a stone, it was back to Holyhead.
It did give us a good test of all the stowing, and only a bunch of bananas, and the microwave dish flew across the boat.
So to summarise, today it was Proper windy, Proper wavy, Proper full on sailing, Proper wet, and Proper fun (and for Paul the Assie Proper cold too)