The Lands Where Corals Lie
Erick Riedl/Maree Paterson
Sun 27 Apr 2014 05:57
35:18.77S 174:07.65E
Left Tauranga on Thurs 24th@ 2000 after an hectic day loading up and tiding up the house before we moved out. Last minute pressure! There were supplies and gear all over the boat. We then faced a 180 nm motorsail in to a NW which was not very pleasant. Got to Whangaruru  at midnight Friday after 28 hrs the came around to Opua on Saturday morning and are now lying at anchor, moving on to the marina this morning. Departure meant to be Thursday but forecast not to good so might be going later.
Inside the boat is nearly shipshape and hoping Ill get time to look around Pahia and Russell. Might even get time for a hair cut!