Nearing Greenland and Greenland Command

A Greenland Story Blog
Jamie Young
Tue 11 Jun 2019 09:50
At position 57:22:51N 046:07:83W
A quick update, we’re nearing the southern tip of Greenland and heading straight for Nuuk. After a frustrating two days of very little wind and too much of the iron sail (... our engine) we’re pretty happy to get 20 knots from the NE on the beam. iTh wind built over the night so Marty and Ciaran we’re up to reef the sails in some wet conditions.
We’ve just called Greenland Command to give our details (boat name, ID, number on board and coordinates) and to request an ice update which they’ll email to us shortly. We’ve to call them every 6 hours but after asking nicely we’ll get away with calling every 12 hours. The Danish man ‘Flemin’ (??) at the station seemed fairly bored and up for the chat (‘I’ll be here in this chair, please call any time’) and invited us in for a cup of coffee when we reach Nuuk. We’ll take him up on that offer!