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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Aug 2015
Wed 05 Aug 16:25 Arrived at Valencia 39:27.60N 0:18.70W
Jul 2015
Mon 27 Jul 10:02 Arrived at Marina Port de Mallorca 39:33.78N 2:37.81E
Sat 25 Jul 19:24 Making Good Progress towards Palma 37:26.93N 0:50.68W
Thu 23 Jul 15:31 Arrived Gibraltar 36:08.97N 5:21.24W
Tue 21 Jul 20:24 A Great Day's Sailing! 37:15.58N 9:05.01W
Tue 21 Jul 09:16 Leaving Cascais 38:41.17N 9:24.51W
Mon 20 Jul 12:33 Next pit stop in Cascais, Portugal 40:30.48N 9:16.13W
Sun 19 Jul 08:37 Very Bouncy Biscay 43:19.97N 8:56.35W
Sat 18 Jul 00:32 Well on our Way Across Biscay 46:21.02N 6:25.82W
Fri 17 Jul 04:32 At Camaret, leaving to cross Biscay in an hour 48:16.82N 4:35.31W
Thu 16 Jul 01:34 A Testing Night! 49:10.61N 3:12.35W
Tue 14 Jul 17:33 On Our Way! 51:01.54N 1:13.99E
Thu 09 Jul 10:03 testing 52:02.02N 1:09.03E