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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Oct 2014
Wed 01 Oct 00:29 On way to Coffs 23:45.81S 164:35.45E
Wed 01 Oct 00:19 Underway to Coffs 23:45.45S 164:36.30E
Sep 2014
Wed 24 Sep 20:06 Arrived in New Caledonia
Sat 20 Sep 00:10 Day 3 on way to Noumea, slow going in light winds 20:22.17S 173:21.24E
Wed 17 Sep 20:02 Departing Fiji for New Caledonia today 17:40.85S 177:23.21E
Thu 04 Sep 07:42 enjoying yuan island 16:49.00S 178:17.07E
Aug 2014
Wed 20 Aug 23:49 Arrived Savusavu 16:46.59S 179:19.72E
Mon 18 Aug 00:54 Closing on Savusavu. Crossing the dateline today 19:30.71S 179:28.89W
Jun 2014
Thu 26 Jun 21:53 Arrived Vava'u , Tonga 18:39.44S 173:58.94W
Fri 20 Jun 00:37 Slow going to Tonga 15:59.49S 167:56.86W
Mon 16 Jun 18:29 Departing Suwarrow tomorrow for Tonga 13:14.96S 163:06.49W
Mon 09 Jun 20:13 Arrived in Suwarrow 13:14.95S 163:06.49W
Thu 05 Jun 22:19 on the way to Suwarrow 15:22.17S 156:05.16W
Thu 05 Jun 22:18 Bora Bora 16:30.06S 151:45.57W
May 2014
Thu 15 May 18:15 Arrived Papeete, Tahiti 17:35.17S 149:36.99W
Sun 11 May 18:50 Off to Tahiti today
Thu 08 May 22:03 A few days on Tuoa Atoll 15:48.22S 146:09.07W
Sun 04 May 01:08 Arrived in Kauehi lagoon in the Tuamotu Islands 15:49.59S 145:07.04W
Apr 2014
Wed 30 Apr 22:56 Slowly to the Tuamotu Archipelago 11:57.47S 142:21.40W
Tue 22 Apr 22:46 Arrived Marqueses
Fri 18 Apr 19:36 Slow going in light winds. All ok, hope to be there Monday 8:59.96S 133:25.04W
Tue 15 Apr 20:17 Trade winds have turned to trade breeze, plodding along slowly. 8:53.96S 126:50.23W
Sat 12 Apr 19:16 Fine and sunny & 30 deg Getting along nicely 8:43.33S 119:38.52W
Wed 09 Apr 21:41 Approaching half way. All going well 7:59.33S 112:15.34W
Mon 07 Apr 20:21 Just over a third of the way, All good. Fish for dinner again 7:20.07S 106:48.17W
Fri 04 Apr 19:40 Now in the trades so making good progress. All going well 6:13.20S 98:38.57W
Tue 01 Apr 18:15 Underway to the Marquasas. Heading south for the trade winds 2:35.66S 91:56.16W
Mar 2014
Sat 29 Mar 18:17 Arrived Galapagos for quick pit stop departing Mon. Crossed equator yesterday
Tue 25 Mar 17:28 Slow going in the doldrums. fishing good. 2:08.70N 84:37.61W
Sun 23 Mar 13:51 Day 2 Light winds, slow but steady going. 4:46.55N 81:21.05W
Fri 21 Mar 13:04 Quick pit stop in pearlas islands, now on to the Marqueses 8:37.27N 79:02.17W
Tue 18 Mar 00:54 Panama Canal (Done) 8:54.33N 79:31.61W
Sat 08 Mar 13:17 Arrived panama canal 9:22.06N 79:57.04W
Sat 01 Mar 14:34 Departing San Blas for Panama tomorrow
Feb 2014
Sat 22 Feb 13:49 Arrived in Paradise (San Blas Islands) 9:34.89N 78:40.48W
Sat 22 Feb 13:43 Arrived in Paradise (San Blas Islands) 9:34.89N 78:40.48W
Tue 18 Feb 16:33 Over half way, all going good. 13:48.96N 72:07.99W
Sun 16 Feb 17:52 All going well, good trades 14:14.65N 66:45.81W
Tue 04 Feb 14:36 Arrived Martinique 14:28.00N 60:51.03W
Jan 2014
Mon 27 Jan 21:34 Arrived in Marigot Bay, St Lucia 13:57.92N 61:01.44W
Sat 25 Jan 11:00 Arrived Bequia 13:00.52N 61:14.31W
Sat 18 Jan 15:20 Arrived in Petit St. Vincent 12:32.04N 61:23.14W
Sun 05 Jan 18:47 Arrived Prickly Bay, Grenada 11:59.69N 61:45.75W
Thu 02 Jan 14:06 Making good progress 12:41.50N 54:29.00W
Dec 2013
Tue 31 Dec 14:41 All going well with good trades and warm weather 13:33.16N 49:06.36W
Sat 28 Dec 13:55 From Mid Atlantic 14:23.73N 40:54.52W
Wed 25 Dec 13:14 Happy Christmas to all from The Atlantic 15:15.06N 32:59.40W
Wed 11 Dec 17:50 Arrived in Mindelo, Capo Verdes 16:53.15N 24:59.47W
Mon 09 Dec 13:06 24hrs to Cape Verdes 18:07.29N 23:06.00W
Sat 07 Dec 13:39 All good, better winds ETA Verdes Tues pm 20:32.16N 19:54.52W
Thu 05 Dec 12:22 Slow going 24:15.64N 17:11.62W
Nov 2013
Wed 27 Nov 07:45 Arrived Tenerrife 28:01.24N 16:36.75W
Fri 22 Nov 15:58 Arrived Puerto Rico - Gran Canary 27:47.96N 15:42.66W
Fri 22 Nov 15:52 Arrived Puerto Rico - Gran Canary 27:47.96N 15:42.66W
Sat 16 Nov 16:01 Arrived Lanzerote 28:57.75N 13:32.58W
Thu 14 Nov 12:59 (no subject) 34:56.20N 8:26.30W
Tue 12 Nov 06:41 Underway
Thu 07 Nov 07:06 Still in Gibralta 36:09.48N 5:21.38W