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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Apr 2009
Tue 21 Apr 00:01 last stop before final destination 37:04.48N 8:07.35W
Sun 19 Apr 19:06 (no subject) 39:23.48N 9:26.44W
Fri 17 Apr 14:39 Porto 41:11.13N 8:42.29W
Fri 17 Apr 06:28 An unexpected stop 42:07.65N 8:54.34W
Thu 16 Apr 12:49 On the way to Porto 43:14.56N 9:05.45W
Wed 15 Apr 16:11 Tara arrived in La Coruna 43:22.10N 8:23.20W
Mon 13 Apr 05:58 Ile D'ouessant 48:27.02N 5:06.10W
Mon 13 Apr 02:58 On our way to Bay Of Biscay 48:52.30N 3:36.46W
Sun 12 Apr 01:37 End of first stop 49:10.78N 2:06.81W
Sat 11 Apr 13:36 Still motoring 50:06.05N 1:12.67W
Sat 11 Apr 01:23 Tara On The First Passage 50:53.00N 1:00.68E
Thu 09 Apr 11:13 Yacht Handover 52:02.05N 1:09.19E