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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Sep 2010
Tue 21 Sep 16:38 The Final Countdown..... 38:19.39N 26:18.00E
Mon 20 Sep 01:58 Pictures 37:59.66N 24:41.17E
Mon 20 Sep 01:28 The high seas of Aegea
Sun 19 Sep 20:11 Greece and beyond 37:38.46N 23:46.06E
Sat 18 Sep 14:00 Canal Pictures (NEW) 37:56.16N 22:58.94E
Fri 17 Sep 18:44 Flotsam and then some 37:56.50N 19:37.79E
Thu 16 Sep 19:28 From Toe to Heel 37:55.44N 15:40.74E
Wed 15 Sep 09:57 The perfect storm 38:17.02N 13:48.10E
Tue 14 Sep 19:09 Thunder and Lightning 38:22.51N 11:38.32E
Tue 14 Sep 13:34 Ooops, we're not really in China 38:24.55N 10:43.39E
Tue 14 Sep 08:41 All the latest 38:27.61N 9:96.40E
Sun 12 Sep 03:31 Oops, position update 38:01.46N 1:11.35E
Sun 12 Sep 03:27 The latest from the Bounty 38:01.39N 1:10.84W
Thu 09 Sep 18:00 Mike's second blog - currently at:- 36:36.24N 3:06.75W
Thu 09 Sep 08:10 quit yo gibraltor-jabber! 36:13.77N 4:26.98W
Wed 08 Sep 19:46 Just a quickie
Wed 08 Sep 19:29 Me, Myself and the Photo's 36:15.61N 6:27.25W
Wed 08 Sep 13:58 The Straights of Gib 36:28.21N 7:19.10W
Tue 07 Sep 23:42 To Gib and beyond 37:13.24N 9:05.14W
Mon 06 Sep 13:48 Ilha Velha in Portugal
Mon 06 Sep 08:09 Great Odin's beard!
Sun 05 Sep 17:07 Off to Portugal 41:18.15N 8:50.73W
Sat 04 Sep 13:50 Mike's first blog 42:07.35N 8:50.67W
Fri 03 Sep 22:52 "I am pretty sure we were supposed to go left back there...." 43:06.91N 9:22.07W
Fri 03 Sep 22:42 A Choice. A Big Choice. The Deciding Choice 43:05.99N 9:18.80W
Fri 03 Sep 22:20 New Shift, New Plans 43:08.04N 9:19.06W
Fri 03 Sep 15:28 More news 43:34.78N 9:04.61W
Fri 03 Sep 09:59 Newsflash 44:10.86N 8:37.21W
Fri 03 Sep 09:08 End of the Bay 44:15.83N 8:33.41W
Thu 02 Sep 09:16 They're changing the guards at Buckingham palace 46:37.24N 6:32.22W
Wed 01 Sep 16:24 Day Two Afternoon and The Generator 48:12.92N 5:16.30W
Wed 01 Sep 13:02 Day Two...... 48:30.29N 4:57.97W
Wed 01 Sep 03:58 Our First Night 49:02.66N 3:50.92W
Aug 2010
Tue 31 Aug 14:28 And we're off...... 49:10.82N 2:06.79W