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Date: 31 Aug 2009 10:07:24
Title: Across Banco de la Concepcion

30:47N 12:34W
Winds have dropped to variable; so motorsailing for the time being. Dolphins joined us yesterday morning. Had success with the spinnaker (hurray). Catering good - Colin concocted chicken stew (4kg of chicken on board through earlier misunderstanding). Everybody seems to have found their sealegs. Was swindled on the watermaker which, after two hours of effort - and sweat, produced not a single drop of water. Kit refused to wear suncream (this is for his mother) and accused me of acting like a 'seven year old girl' for forcing him to do so. He has been actively reading his book, and you hear the odd chuckle from time to time. Rhidian has started to retail highlights from his book on D-Day, which I thought he would eventually, given time.  

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