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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Jun 2013
Sat 15 Jun 10:00 Made it 50:48.21N 0:49.22W
Fri 14 Jun 17:42 Direction Change 50:06.95N 1:01.96W
Fri 14 Jun 07:46 (no subject)
Fri 14 Jun 03:33 Blimey, that was quick 49:29.94N 2:40.67W
Thu 13 Jun 14:53 Position update 48:38.60N 4:44.20W
Thu 13 Jun 10:02 Leaving Camaret
Wed 12 Jun 14:51 Biscay crossed 48:16.76N 4:35.73W
Mon 10 Jun 23:08 Biscay halfway 46:10.98N 7:02.52W
Sun 09 Jun 13:47 Onwards! Ever onwards!
Sun 09 Jun 12:43 Finisterre to Starboard 42:03.00N 9:23.00W
Fri 07 Jun 11:18 Approaching Cascais 38:32.36N 9:25.28W
Thu 06 Jun 14:50 ...And so we head North 36:58.45N 9:01.35W
Wed 05 Jun 09:25 Through the straits at last 36:01.47N 5:44.64W
Wed 05 Jun 04:18 Morocco to the left of me, Gibraltar to the right, here I am 36:02.31N 5:26.18W
Tue 04 Jun 16:16 Position update 36:41.55N 2:03.38W
Tue 04 Jun 06:15 A strange thing happened on the way to Gibraltar 36:34.07N 2:46.05W
Mon 03 Jun 04:08 Leaving Cartagena (2) 37:08.83N 1:30.03W
May 2013
Sun 19 May 12:56 Snug and secure in Cartagena.
Thu 16 May 18:37 Not at journeys end 37:35.78N 0:58.81W
Tue 14 May 12:09 The wildlife keeps on popping in to say hello 37:30.05N 3:23.48E
Mon 13 May 12:24 Lumpy sea, and sailing boats 37:51.62N 6:16.33E
Fri 10 May 11:44 All At Sea 36:44.54N 12:30.29E
Sun 05 May 09:38 Our Beautiful Blue Boat 35:53.20N 14:31.22E