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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Nov 2015
Sat 07 Nov 01:46 54:46.247S 063:03.000W 54:46.25S 63:03.00W
Thu 05 Nov 20:33 54:44.247S 063:51.800W 54:44.25S 63:51.80W
Thu 05 Nov 20:32 54:39.536S 064:07.416W 54:39.54S 64:07.42W
Tue 03 Nov 22:35 54:48.360S 064:22.170W 54:48.36S 64:22.17W
Oct 2015
Fri 30 Oct 21:00 54:46.864S 064:24.383W 54:46.86S 64:24.38W
Fri 30 Oct 01:22 55:01.600S 065:47.800W 55:01.60S 65:47.80W