Date: 01 Jun 2018 23:21:29
Title: You never know what's coming over the horizon.

My sincerest thanks to the kind crew of the yacht CARMELLA which met earlier today.
I had just set my para-drogue aft, to keep the boat trim in the waves, when I noticed a sail to the south. I hailed her on the VHF and chatted for a couple of minutes. They were heading for Boston and it turns out the skipper is from Scotland. They came by the boat to take a look and the skipper's girlfriend very quickly put together a small plastic box of goodies. I managed to retrieve it from the sea and it contained some teabags, a piece of shortbread (eating it as I write), chocolate, a some apples, blueberries and the juiciest couple of strawberries I've ever seen (gone!).
If anyone knows who they are then please tell them that they made an exhausted, sunburnt, blistered, smelly Scotsman very happy!

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