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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Nov 2009
Sat 21 Nov 22:00 Gavin has left Ariel and is back in Las Palmas. Max and Bronwyn are continuing alone. 28:07.87N 15:25.52W
Mon 16 Nov 18:34 Cruised into Las Palmas, along with approx 250 other boats that are here for the start of teh ARC rally. more... 28:07.87N 15:25.52W
Sun 15 Nov 20:59 Snuck into port and quietly tied up for the night... Ariel in stealth mode left early in the morning unspotted! 28:02.90N 14:22.00W
Sun 15 Nov 12:35 Sunday lunch cruising down the coast of Fuertaventura 28:39.03N 13:40.00W
Sun 15 Nov 10:12 Great Sunday Morning. Sailing along and caught our first fish! ugly lookin' criter so we threw him back 28:44.57N 13:50.80W
Sat 14 Nov 22:27 Great little sail down from Puerto Calero. Took our first lady out for a traditional Canarian dinner in Playa Blanca! 28:51.40N 13:48.80W
Thu 12 Nov 14:44 Enjoying the spoils of Marina life in Puerto Calero, Sun is shining all is great!! 28:55.01N 13:42.04W
Sat 07 Nov 12:42 Made it to Lanzarote in one piece. Safely at Anchor in Arrecife awaiting customs clearance. 28:58.13N 13:31.55W
Thu 05 Nov 19:39 Sailing along the west African coast, pointing straight at the Cannary islands. Listening to the rolling stones on deck! 25-30 kn and lumpy seas! 31:12.34N 10:37.12W
Wed 04 Nov 23:50 Left Rabat, big swell that seems to be building. Looks like it might be a bumpy couple of days. 33:09.51N 9:12.23W
Oct 2009
Fri 30 Oct 22:56 Just got to Rabat, great reception from all 4 lines of officialdom!! 34:07.50N 6:48.70W
Fri 30 Oct 03:16 Sailing to Morocco - goodbye Europe, Hello Africa!bhg 35:31.90N 6:40.80W
Wed 28 Oct 14:37 Rota Spain. Passports stamped, awaiting weather windown to depart for Morocco 36:36.55N 6:21.15W
Sat 17 Oct 18:45 Faro, Portugal - anchored in mud and got moved on by the Navy for no particular reason 18 36:57.00N 7:52.00W
Wed 14 Oct 13:47 Portimao, Portugual 37:01.60N 8:40.45W