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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Sat 12 Jan 17:24 21:00.89N 21:29.29W 21:00.89N 21:29.29W
Sat 12 Jan 17:24 Plus de vent 21:00.89N 21:29.29W
Fri 11 Jan 09:18 23:16.85N 20:41.41W 23:16.85N 20:41.41W
Thu 10 Jan 14:29 24:24.95N 20:00.32W 24:24.95N 20:00.32W
Wed 09 Jan 08:40 27:13.19N 15:28.44W 27:13.19N 15:28.44W
Wed 09 Jan 08:40 27:44.66N 15:19.85W 27:44.66N 15:19.85W
Mon 07 Jan 16:51 28:05.00N 15:17.38W 28:05.00N 15:17.38W
Sun 06 Jan 11:51 Pour communiquer avec nous
Sat 05 Jan 23:13 Préparatifs pour le départ
Fri 04 Jan 20:30 28:07.75N 15:25.49W 28:07.75N 15:25.49W
Fri 04 Jan 12:30 28:22.47N 14:46.91W 28:22.47N 14:46.91W
Thu 03 Jan 23:55 28:55.18N 14:13.33W 28:55.18N 14:13.33W
Thu 03 Jan 20:47 28:48.19N 13:55.91W 28:48.19N 13:55.91W
Thu 03 Jan 18:30 28:51.40N 13:48.92W 28:51.40N 13:48.92W