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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Nov 2010
Sat 20 Nov 17:18 Leaving Las Plamas 27:56.38N 15:23.94W
Sat 13 Nov 12:04 Nazare , Portugal for fuel 39:27.10N 9:06.87W
Tue 09 Nov 16:30 Bay Of Biscay 47:35.56N 5:55.16W
Sun 07 Nov 07:30 Arrived safe and sound at 0800 Sunday in Cameret Su Mer 48:17.60N 4:35.35W
Sun 07 Nov 07:10 The crew looking for land
Sat 06 Nov 14:00 Look at the speed
Sat 06 Nov 12:00 Leaving Time At last
Fri 05 Nov 18:44 Mai Tai At Night 50:20.97N 3:34.33W