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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Oct 2017
Mon 30 Oct 09:08 Arrived Porto Santo 33:03.74N 16:18.82W
Sun 29 Oct 17:38 Porto Santo is near, Day 4 33:20.84N 15:40.27W
Sat 28 Oct 16:42 Absence of wind, Day 3 34:27.06N 13:34.17W
Fri 27 Oct 16:52 To Madeira, Day 2 35:25.87N 11:45.53W
Thu 26 Oct 16:51 On our way 36:32.53N 9:28.35W
Tue 24 Oct 20:38 SY Looma IV på nya äventyr 37:06.59N 8:40.45W