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Wylo 35.5


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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Dec 2016
Mon 12 Dec 17:38 Last blog for a while
Nov 2016
Tue 15 Nov 18:59 Safely tucked up for the winter in Marina Rubicon Playa Blanca Lanzorette 28:51.45N 13:48.85W
Mon 14 Nov 20:59 Arrived in the Canaries 29:13:10n 13:31.76w 29:13.10N 13:31.76W
Thu 03 Nov 23:06 Arrived in Maderia for rum stock up and a rest 32:44.29N 16:42.37W
Tue 01 Nov 17:57 Safely arrived in Porto Santo Madeira 33:03:60N 16:18:07W 33:03.60N 16:18.07W
Tue 01 Nov 17:42 36:53:06N 11:29:98W 36:53.06N 11:29.98W
Oct 2016
Sat 22 Oct 14:20 Test from Satellite
Fri 21 Oct 19:42 New crew first trip now here 38:41:46N 9:25:1W 38:41.46N 9:25.10W