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Beneteau 473


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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Dec 2017
Sat 09 Dec 11:24 Salt Whistle Bay. 12:38.86N 61:23.50W
Wed 06 Dec 12:00 Moving again. No Dramas. 12:06.67N 61:44.88W
Apr 2017
Fri 07 Apr 11:29 Barbados on the horizon 13:15.56N 59:01.79W
Mon 03 Apr 20:43 getting closer 13:35.18N 49:26.20W
Sat 01 Apr 06:19 Out of eggs 13:49.18N 42:30.20W
Mar 2017
Wed 29 Mar 21:08 whale jumping 14:39.18N 35:57.60W
Mon 27 Mar 18:59 flying fish and dolphins 17:10.83N 30:57.55W
Sat 25 Mar 13:36 Suns out. 19:49.13N 27:21.25W
Wed 22 Mar 15:52 Adam should not make poridge with sea water. 21:52.02N 21:00.52W
Mon 20 Mar 12:42 ALL GOOD. 25:38.81N 17:42.10W
Thu 16 Mar 23:11 On Lanzarote leave for Cape Verde direction tomorrow 28:51.45N 13:48.90W
Sun 12 Mar 11:05 Heading down coast 31:54.99N 10:42.64W
Sat 11 Mar 02:34 Past Rabat 33:41.23N 7:38.75W
Thu 09 Mar 15:21 Going down coast of Moroco 35:27.20N 6:06.61W
Wed 08 Mar 12:13 Left Spain heading for Atlantic 36:31.89N 4:35.23E
Feb 2017
Sun 26 Feb 18:37 In the water waiting for mast 36:41.79N 2:47.37W
Mon 06 Feb 09:07 Working on Langouste 36:41.70N 2:47.33W
Jan 2017
Sat 14 Jan 20:54 On hard for the winter. 36:41.42N 2:47.19W