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Date Subject Position
Dec 2013
Tue 10 Dec 19:32 Simonstown marina: fraught experience in 40++ knots wind but WE ARE hERE! 34:11.48S 18:25.98E
Tue 10 Dec 14:23 And into False bay...!!! 34:25.25S 18:45.56E
Tue 10 Dec 14:14 Winds took us off course- but enjoyed the seals here! 34:50.10S 19:17.05E
Tue 10 Dec 05:02 Cape Agulhas- woohoo! 34:53.80S 20:00.10E
Mon 09 Dec 17:18 So close! 60 miles from te southernmost point of Africa: Cape Agulhas 34:42.90S 21:11.90E
Mon 09 Dec 05:04 Passing Mossel Bay but way off-shore - no coast views this trip! 34:33.90S 22:32.15E
Sun 08 Dec 15:19 Yellow-fin tuna braai tonight: could not be more fresh! Going well 34:23.60S 24:09.80E
Sun 08 Dec 10:15 Calm peaceful sail past the Garden Route (too far to see) 34:19.00S 24:53.00E
Sat 07 Dec 23:26 Bait-ball with dolphins: around us for 2h in dark - luminescimg! 34:09.90S 25:57.60E
Sat 07 Dec 04:44 On the way - next stop Simonstown hopefully! 33:02.70S 27:55.90E
Tue 03 Dec 05:42 Anchored at 3am in Buffalo River, East London. Happy! 33:01.40S 27:54.00E
Mon 02 Dec 22:38 1 torn sail, 2 tired bodies, 3 hours to East London YAY! 32:53.60S 28:12.70E
Mon 02 Dec 04:04 Woohoo! 9.5knots - found the Agulhas current! 30:57.70S 30:31.50E
Sun 01 Dec 16:49 Bye Durban! 24 ships outside, sea state fine, all well 29:52.50S 31:14.20E
Sun 01 Dec 04:11 And AGAIN we have to swim for the impeller. Cold. Big waves. 28:50.00S 32:08.00E
Sun 01 Dec 03:25 Exiting R Bay, destination CT (or a weather refuge!) 28:48.50S 32:06.00E
Oct 2013
Fri 18 Oct 08:23 We are HERE!! Happily settled.... back home in SA! 28:47.48S 32:04.95E
Thu 17 Oct 09:04 Big night fighting current and SW winds is over, now pushng hard to make late entry to R Bay. PUSHHHH!!! 28:47.57S 32:50.55E
Wed 16 Oct 11:35 Absolutely flying in strong NE winds, even double reefed; bumping and surfing down waves; a tad hectic... But heading home fast! 28:25.61S 34:30.00E
Tue 15 Oct 11:30 2 knots over deep blue under light blue; the music and birds soar. Heaven. NE gales due tonight! 28:00.03S 36:22.75E
Mon 14 Oct 12:58 At last some blue - sky and sea - and sea just large rollers. Set to stay for a day, then... 28:07.90S 38:03.20E
Sun 13 Oct 13:20 Ketoro can smell home! - bounding forwards! 28:21.01S 40:02.44E
Sun 13 Oct 08:28 Driven south by storm winds and big seas; rock and roll seems here to stay!! 28:34.47S 40:46.80E
Fri 11 Oct 10:11 Half way... rum measures from the skipper! 27:14.19S 44:49.42E
Fri 11 Oct 09:57 Thurs - Wondrous world! Current less, wind more, dolphins playing, sunset with a green flash. Awed. 26:44.82S 46:33.59E
Thu 10 Oct 12:02 SO SLOW! Little sailing wind, hideous adverse current, preserving engines - but sea and sky are BEAUTIFUL! 26:40.35S 46:51.79E
Wed 09 Oct 11:24 Someone fixed the massive potholes and ruts on the sea and things are a tad smoother now, after rough night! 26:11.69S 48:32.86E
Tue 08 Oct 06:36 All good but fewer smiles in horrible 2kn current against us and as sea builds and gets lumpy again! 25:01.83S 50:35.62E
Mon 07 Oct 07:33 Today we are being smiled upon: blue swells, blue skies, gentle winds - what a difference in life on board! 23:52.01S 52:02.65E
Sun 06 Oct 05:58 Big seas yesterday, slightly more comfy today; winds fine; reef line chafed through now repaired on bouncing roof. 22:16.33S 53:38.64E
Tue 01 Oct 12:17 Tied up in fishing harbour, Le Port des Galettes... Hectic narrow entry with swell, but all good! 20:56.40S 55:16.99E
Tue 01 Oct 12:14 Rounding the top of Reunion: beautiful steep green island! 20:50.98S 55:26.71E
Sep 2013
Mon 30 Sep 08:30 Two magnificent Dorado pulled in, then watched whales blowing nearby. Amazed. 20:10.90S 57:20.13E
Mon 30 Sep 06:40 On our way to Reunion! 20:08.41S 57:27.45E
Fri 27 Sep 14:32 Mauritius harbour - busy place with huge ships, dozens of Chinese fishing trawlers, tugs... And us! Last visit here. 20:09.58S 57:29.82E
Thu 26 Sep 15:03 Last night in Grand Bay ever on Ketoro; mixed feelings but ready to go! 20:00.81S 57:34.68E
Mon 23 Sep 13:55 Merville Bay for perfect waters in our last Mauritius week 19:59.83S 57:34.96E
Mon 23 Sep 13:52 Gunners Quoin day trip: and surprisingly good snorkelling! 19:56.67S 57:37.27E
Mon 23 Sep 13:50 Back in Port Louis - Carmen joining us 20:09.61S 57:29.83E
Mon 23 Sep 13:49 In front of Mom's Ocean Beach Hotel weekend getaway! 20:00.68S 57:34.14E
Mon 02 Sep 15:16 Merville Beach: an absolutely perfect setting for the most wonderful family reunion 19:59.83S 57:34.97E
Aug 2013
Tue 13 Aug 15:50 Back in Port Louis to welcome Mark, Livi and Blake on board! Family Max times!!! 20:09.58S 57:29.83E
Fri 09 Aug 16:17 Grand Baie, a windy base to explore, do boat-work, eat out and have fun! 20:00.82S 57:34.68E
Jul 2013
Thu 18 Jul 07:52 Ile aux Benitiers channel, after some fraught moments endangering (ourselves and) the reefs around us! 20:23.76S 57:21.35E
Tue 16 Jul 04:47 Grand Rivière Noire - pretty lagoon framed by bea ches and mountains; fishermen departing in all manner of craft. 20:21.91S 57:21.92E
Wed 03 Jul 11:18 Stunning! Coin de Mire Island, proud high cliffs, clear seas, beautiful birds above. 19:56.68S 57:37.25E
Wed 03 Jul 11:12 Grand Baie: big bay, calm flat water, easy beach access- shops and cafes - tourist time! 20:00.81S 57:34.68E
Jun 2013
Tue 11 Jun 09:24 Home for a while: Caudan Marina - looking over city, mountains, harbour GREAT! 20:09.62S 57:29.84E
Tue 11 Jun 06:15 Tied to wall at Customs office for formalities, will then move to marina. 20:09.59S 57:30.03E
Tue 11 Jun 06:13 Rounding tip of northern islands of Mauritius... Will return soon! 19:46.93S 57:46.06E
Mon 10 Jun 09:27 Whoo hoo... No sail change in 48 hours and nearing the top: the other side has FLAT SEAS!! 19:43.90S 58:49.68E
Sun 09 Jun 12:53 Indian Ocean here is... well, like the rest: fast and lumpy and big but good sailing winds bowling us along happily. 19:39.79S 60:40.06E
May 2013
Sat 25 May 10:43 Rodrigues is beautiful! From a distance a green jewel island, now in harbour and people SOO friendly- this will be fun! 19:40.84S 63:25.21E
Fri 24 May 12:47 Wonderful gentle way to end our passage-fine weather, gentle roll: a sea that we like! Enjoying the breather on the home stretch. 18:57.13S 64:37.92E
Thu 23 May 11:29 Heavenly! Sailing on calmed seas under constant fair winds, broad reach under the sun to Rodrigues... hope in 2 days. 17:50.14S 66:27.28E
Wed 22 May 15:47 Tonight the moon is silver on the tops of the watey hills, the wind is great for sailing and... we will make Rodrigues! 16:48.03S 67:48.45E
Wed 22 May 05:26 Some sun, winds 22kn giving us good speed, no suicidal flying fish last night: all going well (if NOISY and BUMPY!) 15:59.80S 68:29.30E
Mon 20 May 13:26 Going strongly with 18-25 knots on beam (then squalls); could be called boisterous seas; breakdancing crew!! All fine. 12:56.84S 70:57.74E
Sun 19 May 09:43 Big seas, big waves (currently confused, YUK!), lots rain (soup days!), now good winds... all well on Ketoro! 10:48.50S 71:57.38E
Sat 18 May 03:44 Oh boy, HORRIBLE seas, winds from every direction, current against, rain, lightning, repairs on cockpit roof. How much fun can there be in a day!? 8:18.60S 72:49.78E
Fri 17 May 04:44 Fri: east of Great Chagos Banks - great fishing: but they take our lures and we don't eat! 6:27.59S 72:58.66E
Fri 17 May 04:34 Thurs: bye to Chagos, next stop Rodrigues... hopefully...! 5:45.44S 72:47.49E
Sat 11 May 12:16 Takamaka Island, last stop in Chagos: alone here in the wild remote atoll again, and LOVE it - but leave in 3 days.... 5:20.20S 72:15.88E
Apr 2013
Sun 28 Apr 16:05 Salomon Atoll, the less wild Chagos (but no fishing cos freezer died and we must EAT MEAT!!! 5:21.42S 72:12.67E
Wed 24 Apr 07:58 Exquisite island anchorage: Ile Diamant. The colours are as in a dream. 5:15.29S 71:46.31E
Mon 15 Apr 07:59 Escorted into heaven by flocks of frigates and gannets; dolphins in the bows - we are at Chagos! 5:26.32S 71:45.49E
Mon 15 Apr 07:47 No wind, big current against us.... this is a SLOOOOOW process! 2:48.84S 72:41.26E
Sun 07 Apr 08:23 Gan, Addu Atoll: remembering our fist time here, 3 years ago - will retrace some steps! 0:41.12S 73:08.61E
Sun 07 Apr 08:08 Foamullah harbour: fishing with nets at entrance; inside, many crossed light anchor lines of moored fishing boats: easier to spend night at sea! 0:18.38S 73:26.49E
Sun 07 Apr 07:57 (Yesterday) "Swam" across equator (dragged by boat); champagne; whale alongside, not 10m away. Awed, unnerved, jubilant. Cheers! 0:00.00N 73:19.10E
Fri 05 Apr 05:30 Faress - Poor second to Kaashido, where we could not anchor, but a good place to fix generator and get ready for Gan. 0:11.93N 73:12.88E
Fri 05 Apr 05:29 Kaashido: exquisitely beautiful - and could not find a place to anchor safely; had to move on (at speed, before dark...) 0:19.95N 73:26.35E
Tue 02 Apr 04:58 Back again, 3 years later, to a fantastic place. Melaimu, North Huvadoo Atoll 0:51.19N 73:11.01E
Mon 01 Apr 09:30 Veymandhoo island: curious locals, ok anchorage, good Short Eats on shore! 2:11.29N 73:05.30E
Mar 2013
Sat 30 Mar 10:15 Happiness! After yesterday (exhausting night, anchor watches, strong winds) now anchored safely in calm ...SLEEP! 2:41.85N 72:51.35E
Wed 27 Mar 07:16 Magoodhoo - extraordinary experience: 2 huge manta rays looping and feeding around us for an hour. Amazing. 3:04.85N 72:57.49E
Sat 23 Mar 09:17 Back in heaven: best snorkelling to our west, soft beach sand for hair salon on east, crystal clear water for boat cleaning below! 3:31.15N 72:54.66E
Sat 23 Mar 09:15 Great place to access ferry... and this time not anchored with dredger and industrial noise! 3:28.91N 72:50.02E
Wed 20 Mar 03:58 Dhigurah island lagoon. We are in heaven: beautiful snorkelling, views, peace, no visible inhabitants. 3:31.27N 72:54.98E
Wed 20 Mar 03:56 Maamigili lagoon; anchored at dusk alongside dredger and channel for resort traffic!! But safe at least. 3:28.78N 72:49.69E
Wed 20 Mar 03:53 Conrad Rangali Reosrt, man-made harbour, told us not welcome. Had to make haste before sunset to next one... 3:36.82N 72:43.50E
Mon 18 Mar 02:50 Moofushi Island is absolutely beautiful, and resort wonderfully accommodating of us. 5 Star! 3:53.08N 72:43.82E
Sat 16 Mar 03:50 Ari Atoll, Halaveli Island... lovely resort and the most wonderful snorkelling! 4:02.40N 72:55.02E
Tue 12 Mar 12:59 Arrived in Male, processed, ready to go! Yippee! 4:13.60N 73:32.28E
Tue 12 Mar 12:07 Last morning at sea, we arrive tomorrow. Dolphins up front, beautiful sunrise, a swim: heaven. 4:11.22N 75:05.05E
Mon 11 Mar 05:20 Amazingly clear blue sea for a lunch STOP and swim. Clearly little wind (but we did hold tight!) 4:06.21N 78:49.38E
Mon 11 Mar 03:22 Beautiful sailing on rolling, gentle blue seas (after horrrible night weaving around fishing boats). Dorado for supper... and lunch... and supper.. 4:12.93N 80:49.87E
Fri 08 Mar 13:16 5 hours to cross busy shipping channel, then wonderful sailing under full sail. 4:39.16N 82:35.65E
Fri 08 Mar 12:46 Sri Lankan fishing boat chased us for miles for hand-outs (not received); unnerving experience. 6:22.33N 84:01.89E
Mon 04 Mar 10:09 Today's tally: 1 gale, 2 repaired engines, 5 sail changes, 1 dorado, 60litre RO water in sea: all plain sailing really! 6:48.49N 86:44.96E
Sat 02 Mar 10:50 Hand-furling huge spinnaker sail on deck, watching dolphins in bow waves, trying find favourable current, given up on wind... 7:02.28N 91:22.37E
Fri 01 Mar 02:21 Passing Nicobar Islands: from Andaman Ssea to Indian Ocean, and at last current in our favour 7:34.47N 93:43.52E
Feb 2013
Wed 27 Feb 12:54 No wind means SLOOOW going, but GREAT under-boat swim and peaceful sunset dinner! 7:39.84N 96:08.93E
Mon 25 Feb 15:17 Ao Chalong, the last night before we leave beautiful Thailand for good. Thanks for everything! 7:49.13N 98:21.55E
Dec 2012
Sun 02 Dec 14:53 Ketoros home for a month while we go to SA! Happy Christmas! 8:10.20N 98:20.38E
Sat 01 Dec 06:37 Big bay on west of Ko Yao Yai: green, lush, .... Let's go see the mangroves! 8:01.61N 98:33.72E
Nov 2012
Thu 29 Nov 09:50 Catch-up with friends at Ao Chalong 7:49.15N 98:21.53E
Thu 29 Nov 09:49 Loi Krathong - boat-version krathong sent flaming to sea to appease Goddess of water. 7:53.55N 98:35.32E
Wed 28 Nov 05:03 Incredible bird life and thousands of bats on Chicken island this time: beautiful! 7:57.54N 98:48.35E
Mon 26 Nov 04:39 Contender for most beautiful Thai beach: Railay. Embraced by stunning rock cliffs. 8:00.63N 98:49.88E
Tue 20 Nov 04:02 Ao Nang, Krabi: stocks and meal and massage on the list....(heels for Rolf) 8:01.59N 98:49.08E
Tue 20 Nov 03:29 The prettiest island, lovely sea.... Big shark enjoying it with me AAAARGH fright! 8:04.52N 98:40.78E
Sun 18 Nov 04:12 Ko Khlui's tall straight faces on one side, friendly fishermen the other. 8:14.38N 98:38.69E
Thu 15 Nov 09:18 Ko Chong Lat, beautiful anchorage protected from weather from all sides 8:16.57N 98:37.85E
Thu 15 Nov 09:17 In the klongs: mangrove rivers and swamps with stunning caves (and heat and mud and voracious mozzies) 8:22.70N 98:39.44E
Wed 14 Nov 02:25 Treating ourselves to on-shore meal and pool! Yay for Paradise resort! 8:10.43N 98:38.28E
Wed 14 Nov 02:01 Treating ourselves to on-shore meal and pool! Yay for Paradise resort! 8:10.43N 98:38.28E
Mon 12 Nov 03:11 Favourite place, but not with the big squall to greet us! Heaven descended later.... Ko KuDu 8:11.85N 98:38.08E
Mon 12 Nov 03:08 Rafting boats, braai on beach with local, ex-SA friends: home from home... 8:02.68N 98:27.83E
Fri 09 Nov 06:17 Too many dayboats, but love all the eagles and view of island... and internet access!! 8:11.63N 98:29.13E
Fri 09 Nov 06:16 Ko Khai, wonderful 20m overhang with stalactites to drive under, and hong... and beach... 8:15.24N 98:30.54E
Fri 09 Nov 06:14 Dinghy adventures in hongs and mangroves: fun times at Ko Raya 8:17.73N 98:30.33E
Fri 09 Nov 06:13 Exploring a cool sink-in-to-your-knees muddy hole / cave through the bottom of island... Ko Thalu 8:17.99N 98:28.61E
Sun 04 Nov 14:46 Wonderful peace and beauty at Ko Deng Yai 8:16.62N 98:29.01E
Sun 04 Nov 02:02 Oh JOY! No more marina work, just wonderful cruising in the bay.... 8:10.49N 98:29.26E
Oct 2012
Thu 18 Oct 12:46 At LAST!!! Back in the water... But still working on her.... 7:57.80N 98:23.24E
Fri 05 Oct 00:14 Boat Lagoon: Ketoro on hardstand for a month 7:57.67N 98:23.14E
Thu 04 Oct 09:52 Waiting off Ko Rang to enter Boat Lagoon; storms abated at last! 7:57.47N 98:27.23E
Thu 04 Oct 09:51 Chicken islands a LOVELY place to hide (like chickens!) in this fierce SW monsoon time 7:57.36N 98:48.69E
Thu 04 Oct 09:49 Eek! Huge winds bending round Yongkasem Bay headland pushing us too close to the reef... 7:44.67N 98:45.69E
Thu 04 Oct 09:48 Hiding from storms at Ko Muk, having ripped a headsail on way up 7:21.72N 99:18.57E
Thu 04 Oct 09:47 On our way up to Phuket, first night Ko Bulan 6:49.12N 99:41.00E
Jun 2012
Sun 10 Jun 23:21 Ketoro's home until September: time for the baby run! Yay! 6:17.73N 99:41.90E
Wed 06 Jun 13:32 Hiding from the weather in gorgeous spot with 30 fishing boats, tug and barge! 6:32.31N 99:41.85E
Mon 04 Jun 08:10 A new island for us, but clearly not for the fishing boats; hoping for baby sharks on our snorkel! 6:34.02N 99:27.29E
Sat 02 Jun 09:16 Wonderful sea and white beach and snorkelling again! Ko Rawi, Butangs 6:32.38N 99:10.71E
Fri 01 Jun 10:19 Rok Noks, fixing engine; Ketoro is teaching us about being on the move again! 7:12.87N 99:04.08E
Fri 01 Jun 10:17 Phi Phi island, fixing chafed-through reef line 7:43.72N 98:46.28E
Mar 2012
Fri 30 Mar 16:27 Back at Yacht Haven, leaving boat for 7 weeks travel... China here we come! 8:10.17N 98:20.40E
Fri 30 Mar 16:26 Always beautiful here, and not burgled again since first time...! 8:13.62N 98:30.12E
Fri 30 Mar 16:24 Wind and rolly sea drove us to this west side for a change, and glad of it! 8:11.83N 98:29.64E
Fri 30 Mar 16:22 Haircut time! And drinks on beach... 8:11.57N 98:36.61E
Fri 30 Mar 16:21 Hundreds of sea stars in the mud at low tide at Ko Hong Krabi... Just waiting for water! 8:04.60N 98:40.85E
Fri 30 Mar 16:19 Another great unofficial meal at Chok'D... They were "closed" again.... 7:53.83N 98:30.75E
Fri 30 Mar 16:18 Coral island to find the Crown of Thorns: got it! 7:44.77N 98:22.98E
Fri 23 Mar 02:05 Nai Harn offers massages, meals, beautiful sea and beach.... Come! 7:46.53N 98:18.15E
Mon 19 Mar 01:08 Came in on a massive storm, going out on a breeze with Sonja and Delwin 8:05.44N 98:17.61E
Tue 13 Mar 10:35 Richelieu rock... Spectacular diving on pinnacles rising from nowhere! 9:21.77N 98:01.43E
Sun 11 Mar 10:41 Awesome diving spots alongside channel west of us, 2 dives from dinghy. 9:22.78N 97:52.73E
Sun 11 Mar 09:26 In the channel between two Surin islands: centre is turquoise waters, sides all green. 9:25.70N 97:51.40E
Sun 11 Mar 09:18 Change of scene.... From beautiful to ridiculously beautiful! 9:26.16N 97:50.62E
Sat 10 Mar 10:42 On the other side; perfectly alone in beautiful bay with crystal water and steep treed sides 9:26.36N 97:51.23E
Fri 09 Mar 13:07 Awesome Ko Surin: stunning islands, great wall drop-offs for snorkelling, clear sea 9:25.28N 97:53.90E
Thu 08 Mar 02:14 Remote, quiet, few chalets, long-tail transport: lovely Koh Chang 9:50.19N 98:26.19E
Mon 05 Mar 04:54 Long Beach, Ko Payam... And it really is!!! Long.... And waiting to be explored.... 9:43.59N 98:23.11E
Sun 04 Mar 07:03 We are at Ko Phayam! Remote, quiet, lovely bay, islands of Burma to west. 9:45.43N 98:24.25E
Sat 03 Mar 06:09 Surrounded by lovely islands, small rocky beach scheduled for haircut@Ko Kai Nui Salon! 9:29.17N 98:22.20E
Fri 02 Mar 09:33 Mangroves and island one side, mainland hills shrouded with cloud on other; Ko Ra 9:11.53N 98:17.63E
Fri 02 Mar 07:13 Such an interesting waterway with pretty greened sides and fishermen trying for supper 9:04.79N 98:20.48E
Fri 02 Mar 07:06 Entering interesting waterway between islands and mainland 9:00.97N 98:14.32E
Thu 01 Mar 08:59 Khao Lak Beach, overnight on our way north to Burma border. 8:38.64N 98:14.41E
Feb 2012
Wed 29 Feb 02:41 This favourite spot means airport goodbyes today, sadly... Next time a hello! 8:05.44N 98:17.70E
Wed 29 Feb 02:39 Wonderful: sleeping alongside and snorkelling round a tiny rock island, Ko Waeo 8:02.03N 98:15.59E
Sat 25 Feb 05:48 What do you do at Patong? People watch, do the tailors, drink cocktails! 7:53.33N 98:17.28E
Sat 25 Feb 05:47 Wow! Incredible sighting of large cuttlefish feeding at gorgeous Freedom Bay 7:52.53N 98:16.38E
Sat 25 Feb 05:45 A beautiful stop for visitors and lots to do/see/buy.... 7:46.48N 98:18.16E
Sat 25 Feb 05:25 Happiness! Snorkelling again, but many urchins indicate poor reef. 7:44.78N 98:22.94E
Sat 25 Feb 04:51 Cute Chok'D bar opened for us on this tiny private rock/island 7:53.84N 98:30.74E
Sat 25 Feb 04:49 Wonderful! Rai Lee Bay, astounding Krabi karst cliffs and crystal sea... 8:00.54N 98:49.96E
Sat 25 Feb 04:47 New spot:Ao Nang, Krabi; fisherman angry at us for using his buoy.... 8:01.71N 98:49.08E
Sat 25 Feb 04:45 Time to watch the climbers and marvel at the wall face seemingly metres from us 7:58.13N 98:48.32E
Sat 25 Feb 04:43 Another beautiful island with beach, hong, snorkelling: Ko Hong Krabi 8:04.53N 98:40.81E
Thu 16 Feb 06:13 Mooring buoy off Paradise Beach Resort for a swim and treat lunch... then off again! 8:10.40N 98:38.25E
Thu 16 Feb 06:10 Ko Ku du channel: stunning anchorage between two cliffs, strong tide if swimming. 8:11.85N 98:38.08E
Thu 16 Feb 06:07 Ko Ba Tang: a lunch stop! Clear, cool water swim to tiny beach under more cliffs... 8:12.93N 98:31.47E
Thu 16 Feb 06:05 Ko Daeng Yai: Lovely new stop, towering cliff one side, sea eagles, pink dawn.. 8:16.60N 98:29.01E
Thu 16 Feb 05:57 Ao Po marina to await Mark and Livi 8:04.19N 98:26.73E
Thu 16 Feb 05:55 Wonderful snorkelling with Erik; trooublesome double-buoy tie-up! 7:44.87N 98:22.79E
Thu 16 Feb 05:49 (no subject) 7:46.35N 98:18.21E
Jan 2012
Sun 15 Jan 01:13 Back at Nai Yang; seems 14 other yachties also hold this as their favourite beach anchoring spot! 8:05.52N 98:17.74E
Sun 15 Jan 01:11 What fun! Dinghy exploration of river, fishing boats, lagoon at high tide: come in and see. 8:01.65N 98:17.12E
Dec 2011
Fri 30 Dec 05:49 Nai Harn, how lovely: Jungle Beach, beautiful river into sea, improved weather! 7:46.52N 98:17.94E
Mon 26 Dec 05:43 Family day "treat" for B+K: sailing in 45kn gales, anchored in Patong and bouncing on boat! 7:53.37N 98:17.18E
Sun 25 Dec 14:40 Christmas Day 2011 with Barry and Kay at Surin Beach; only challenges huge winds and a rolly boat! 7:58.46N 98:16.53E
Fri 23 Dec 05:34 Nai Yang again.. Gentle, pretty, plenty Thai treats like food, massage Madame...! 8:05.61N 98:17.70E
Tue 20 Dec 13:25 Laem Sing, a new find... a Christmas morning spot it will be! Sea splashing over rocks, beautiful treed headland, pretty beach... 7:57.93N 98:16.63E
Mon 19 Dec 06:48 Pretty Nai Harn bay, but HOW do we get dinghy on shore??? Reef, waves.... 7:46.38N 98:18.17E
Sun 18 Dec 13:43 Panwa Bali in Ao Chalong, SO nice to be on anchor after the marina! 7:48.68N 98:22.98E
Sun 11 Dec 10:06 Boat Lagoon Phuket again.... sawasdee ka!! Week here to work on boat. 7:57.83N 98:23.31E
Sat 10 Dec 05:51 Ko Rang feels like home! Convenient for Boat Lagoon entry at high tide in morning... 7:57.11N 98:26.80E
Sat 10 Dec 05:18 Dire warnings and cautions do not deter Rolf from using this channel short-cut! (successfull!) 8:05.37N 98:35.51E
Fri 09 Dec 05:34 More beautiful beaches and sea and hongs!!! Such hardship... Ko Hong, Krabi 8:04.54N 98:40.82E
Thu 08 Dec 04:31 Heaven last night, just moved to a new heavenly snorkel area: come in close and see our garden! 7:57.55N 98:48.43E
Wed 07 Dec 05:25 Chicken Island: good snorkelling, watching the climbers, beautiful longtails with prayer-flags.! 7:58.14N 98:48.31E
Wed 07 Dec 02:45 Ao Phra-Ae beach on Ko Lanta: storm prevented us from getting to beach. 7:35.97N 99:01.94E
Tue 06 Dec 07:19 Stunning Emerald (Morakot) Cave: a wonderful hong! 7:22.14N 99:16.97E
Mon 05 Dec 08:36 Ko Muk; east side for the night, explore the hong tomorrow 7:21.55N 99:18.52E
Sun 04 Dec 10:19 Beautiful bay hosting 5 yachts and 12 fishing boats, all escaping wind-storms. 6:48.97N 99:41.04E
Sun 04 Dec 10:15 Site of a failed attempt to salvage another yacht's anchor, for reward: not a career for us! 6:31.21N 99:41.24E
Fri 02 Dec 16:05 Telaga harbour again. Fuel, food and duty-free booze for Christmas! 6:22.07N 99:41.08E
Oct 2011
Mon 10 Oct 07:02 Ketoro holding tight to pontoon at Pu Rebak Marina till end November. 6:17.62N 99:41.87E
Mon 10 Oct 03:39 Telaga for RUGBY!!! Farewell to John, who has sailed Ketoro between Phuket and Singapore! 6:21.81N 99:40.77E
Sun 09 Oct 00:39 Fjord anchorage as beautiful as ever, but LOTS rain and wind... Dragging worries. 6:11.22N 99:47.26E
Thu 06 Oct 03:18 Georgetown, Penang for fun 2 nights YIPPEE! 5:24.87N 100:20.66E
Wed 05 Oct 06:00 Mainsail fell down!!! So had to anchor here at Pangkor to fix: 3h up mast in sun. 4:12.57N 100:32.97E
Tue 04 Oct 09:13 Port Klang: again time to watch for ships crossing our path and trying to predict their behaviour! 2:46.79N 101:14.87E
Mon 03 Oct 11:33 Port Dickson: had a swim in resort pool.... Heaven!! 2:28.59N 101:50.71E
Mon 03 Oct 11:32 On our way again.... 1:14.31N 103:29.61E
Sep 2011
Tue 27 Sep 13:45 Berthed at Marina at dusk. Exceptionally exhausted, want to sleep for days... 1:14.68N 103:50.46E
Tue 27 Sep 13:43 Two massive ships collided alongside us here! How horrifying that they drive so badly... 1:16.41N 104:02.35E
Tue 27 Sep 03:55 Gales, horrible sea, crossed shipping channels in gale and rain, caught huge fishing net. Excruciating. 1:24.00N 104:17.90E
Mon 26 Sep 05:34 Great sailing 7kn under reef turned to @#* when gales hit on the nose: bare poles and 2kn...! 1:35.22N 105:37.30E
Sun 25 Sep 03:33 Sailing winds at last!! But who switched last night's orders for NO boats and lots of moonlight?? 1:58.03N 107:53.31E
Sat 24 Sep 03:21 Much improved sea state, wind, current... ie going our way now and all well! 2:14.41N 110:02.66E
Fri 23 Sep 06:28 For us: dolphins, playing; sea snakes,slithering away; tuna biting lures. Against: sea, current and wind: UGH. 3:24.99N 111:40.80E
Fri 16 Sep 09:19 Got into Miri Marina just before the storm hit! Tied on and happy, for a 5 day stay and travel to Mulu 4:23.09N 113:58.32E
Thu 15 Sep 12:13 Last Brunei stop: Kuala Belait, industrial, serving the oil rigs, but pretty at night! Tiring 12h sail day. 4:34.41N 114:11.71E
Wed 14 Sep 02:26 Brunei, almost tiniest but richest country in world. Well, amazing Sultan's riches anyway....! 5:00.00N 115:04.16E
Sun 11 Sep 08:56 Pulau Tiga is our last stop in Sabah! Mooring ball off pretty island: fish from freezer on BBQ tonight. 5:43.15N 115:38.84E
Thu 08 Sep 10:55 KK Marina for water and power and hardware purchases and provisioning and dinghy fixing and maybe invertor too...!? 5:58.01N 116:03.31E
Wed 07 Sep 08:51 Happy to anchor after another 10 hour day on the move. Tomorrow KK Marina. 6:18.57N 116:18.12E
Tue 06 Sep 08:03 Last day in the Sulu Sea: tomorrow round the tip into the South China Sea. 7:01.00N 116:46.69E
Tue 06 Sep 03:32 Oh the calm of a lagoon surrounded by mangroves, and a sleep as if we were not on the sea...! 7:03.14N 117:16.25E
Sat 03 Sep 11:06 Lankayan island: great diving and turtle breeding programme, watched 200 run into the sea! 6:30.26N 117:54.89E
Aug 2011
Wed 31 Aug 00:59 Back at Sandakan... Really functional: provisioning and hoping for no more burglaries.... 5:50.45N 118:07.59E
Tue 30 Aug 09:48 Dewhurst Bay: back in muddy Malaysian river, but watching monkeys on the beach makes up for it! 5:37.99N 118:36.38E
Sun 28 Aug 10:55 Dent Haven again, calm night after a LONG day sailing? We hope so.... 5:14.91N 119:15.53E
Sun 28 Aug 10:53 Lahad Datu: busy harbour, fascinating shrimp farms being pushed into place by big dinghies. Drop off point for friends. 5:01.05N 118:19.91E
Sun 28 Aug 10:50 Fri: Pu Gaya - beautiful tall islands, treed, pristine water, pretty coral bommies under boat 4:35.60N 118:43.39E
Sun 28 Aug 05:55 Mon - thurs: re-anchored and firm. Exceptionally wonderful Sipadan diving WOW 4:15.08N 118:38.20E
Sun 28 Aug 05:52 Sunday: anchored on Mabul sand spit but terrible stormy night with dragging anchor.... 4:14.69N 118:38.38E
Sun 28 Aug 05:50 Sat: Horn Reef - wonderful snorkelling, no visible land, our neighbour is a single stilted fishing hut! 4:15.03N 118:26.15E
Tue 16 Aug 08:01 Tawau: ugly from the sea, container port, last stop of the rally 4:14.97N 117:52.47E
Mon 15 Aug 07:26 Mabul Island, between converted oil rig and stilted chalets: weird! 4:15.06N 118:38.25E
Sun 14 Aug 06:39 Pulau Gaya: pretty, with PRISTINE water... Stay here for a day to clean the boat! 4:35.55N 118:43.28E
Sun 14 Aug 01:47 Pulau Gaya: pretty, with PRISTINE water... Stay here for a day to clean the boat! 4:35.55N 118:43.28E
Fri 12 Aug 08:31 Pretty place to sleep, massive currents pushing us down today! 5:14.91N 119:15.53E
Fri 12 Aug 08:00 Leaving this amazing river: sad, but happy to see end of mud! 5:37.24N 118:35.49E
Wed 10 Aug 23:36 Today saw wild Orang utans in jungle and sailed over a Pygmy elephant! 5:40.23N 118:23.27E
Tue 09 Aug 01:53 As far as we can go on Ketoro, due to power lines. Now some dinghy investigation... 5:30.50N 118:17.63E
Tue 09 Aug 00:52 Monday..in heaven with birds, monkeys, magnificent primary jungle, clean but muddy river. 5:36.78N 118:20.87E
Tue 09 Aug 00:52 Sun eve. Kinabatangan River: jungle one side, small village children waving the other... 5:41.01N 118:23.23E
Tue 09 Aug 00:37 Sun morn: on way to Sungai Kinabatangan.. river through the jungle... 5:55.02N 118:13.84E
Tue 02 Aug 05:58 Sandakan... Manic anchorage, boats of every type hurtling through..interesting times! 5:50.30N 118:07.45E
Tue 02 Aug 05:41 Beautiful island anchorage to rest after 24 hours of boat-fixing miseries. 6:10.30N 118:03.38E
Tue 02 Aug 01:18 Tigabu island: no fun as we find engine water pump and shower water pump died! 6:52.77N 117:28.50E
Mon 01 Aug 12:01 Morning drift snorkel between two islands, direction and speed dictated by strong current! 7:05.93N 117:02.33E
Jul 2011
Sat 30 Jul 12:25 Quiet anchorage for the night before island visits tomorrow... 7:00.99N 116:46.66E
Sat 30 Jul 12:08 Rounding the lovely northern tip of Borneo.... YAAAY! 7:02.65N 116:44.66E
Fri 29 Jul 08:25 Ambong Bay for a night. Sea very rolly outside... And lovely and calm in here! 6:18.57N 116:18.09E
Wed 20 Jul 05:27 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah... Now THIS looks like a good Marina! Going to check out the facilities... 5:58.01N 116:03.32E
Wed 20 Jul 05:25 Sailing in race to KK.... But NO wind teaches patience and sailing skills! 4:37.94N 113:56.85E
Wed 13 Jul 05:29 Miri marina: rally base and start for Borneo Yacht Challenge. 4:23.11N 113:58.35E
Wed 13 Jul 05:25 Night watch with luminous moon to round the cape on our way to Miri. 2:48.97N 111:11.83E
Jun 2011
Tue 28 Jun 04:29 Kuching Marina for a while: travel inland to Sibu and Kapit and World Rainforest Music Festival! 1:33.52N 110:24.27E
Tue 28 Jun 00:27 Between 2 stunning islands: walked on one: saw monkeys, pitcher plants; haircut on other! 1:44.94N 110:30.00E
Mon 27 Jun 04:36 En route... Rounding magnificent forested mountain falling steeply to the sea 1:48.77N 110:20.20E
Wed 22 Jun 00:13 Sludgy river, heavily forested, crocs, bright stars: we are in Borneo! Specifically Kuching in Sarawak state. 1:42.90N 110:19.95E
Sun 19 Jun 17:03 Beautiful island off Borneo to rest for 2 days before going Borneo itself. 1:46.71N 110:10.01E
Sun 19 Jun 02:59 Rounded the corner: wind gone, engines on, hope to make it before sundown! 2:07.03N 109:44.68E
Sat 18 Jun 04:04 Rocking, rolling on lumpy sea, side-on waves, wind on nose... tired... this is passage-making! 3:09.40N 107:31.53E
Fri 17 Jun 03:14 Horrible uncomfortable sea but sailing in good winds south of oil filelds 4:04.30N 105:07.10E
Wed 15 Jun 14:45 Terengganu for the last time before crossing S China Sea to Borneo 5:20.36N 103:07.86E
Mon 13 Jun 10:55 Moored P Redang again, returning to Terengganu... Last night at these lovely islands 5:44.90N 103:00.20E
Mon 13 Jun 10:52 Stunning Temple dive (Tokong Laut) myriads of fish, some huge, great coral. 5:57.73N 102:39.41E
Mon 13 Jun 10:48 Beautiful Perhentian Island bay, thickly wooded hillsides, after lovely dive at lighthouse site 5:54.72N 102:44.96E
Sun 12 Jun 03:48 Beautiful diving in the Parhentian Islands.... And also fun on land! 5:53.68N 102:44.12E
Fri 10 Jun 09:11 Anchored in lovely bay on P Redang, found a lovely-looking island to dive tomorrow YAY! Happily gazing into toilet bowls with clean sea water, not mud 5:47.23N 103:01.05E
Fri 03 Jun 04:44 Time to sleep! Berthed at Marina in Kuala Terengganu 5:20.37N 103:07.86E
Fri 03 Jun 02:15 Inauspicious River entry to Terengganu; a day to get food and organise sail repair then to island to meet others. 5:20.42N 103:09.19E
Thu 02 Jun 15:46 Sailing through night: black, but seeing S Cross behind and Big Dipper ahead... Going right way! 4:29.64N 103:39.98E
Thu 02 Jun 07:40 Sailing overnight heading for Kuala Terengganu, horribly hot and no wind to speak of! 3:38.08N 103:35.71E
Wed 01 Jun 12:32 Rompin for beach BBQ to touch base with rally group 2:48.49N 103:30.51E
Wed 01 Jun 12:30 3 mile period: jib out, main up, storm hits, reef 1, dodge ferry straight at us, reef 2, main down, jib in: happy to anchor here..... 2:41.87N 103:53.90E
May 2011
Mon 30 May 13:58 Stunning! Tiny island with most of it underwater... Huge boulders shouldering coral gardens and home for millions of fish! 2:53.41N 104:03.97E
Sun 29 May 10:00 Pulau Tulai for snorkelling and hopefully a dive.. If we can find the appropriate place! Then there was the charter boat who took guests skiing in cir 2:54.78N 104:06.08E
Fri 27 May 08:10 Tioman south, going to walk to waterfall of movie South Pacific tomorrow 2:43.13N 104:11.75E
Fri 20 May 14:14 Tioman Island, a rallying point for all rally boats! Tall volcanic island, rainforest vegetation, lovely beaches 2:49.34N 104:09.55E
Thu 19 May 02:13 Pulau Babi Besar - absolutely stunning! The South China Sea, as it turns out, is awesome...!! Great company from other rally boats enhances the experi 2:28.79N 103:57.30E
Tue 17 May 11:39 Pulau Tinggi: back to beautiful islands, white sands, clear waters, fish and coral... YAY! 2:16.64N 104:07.04E
Sun 15 May 09:19 Teluk Punggai. Featureless stop over on way north. Good anchor holding! 1:25.48N 104:17.22E
Sun 15 May 09:16 (no subject) 1:18.86N 104:11.91E
Tue 10 May 11:00 One15 Marina, Singapore. A few days here before we re-join the rally at the Tioman Islands. 1:14.53N 103:50.41E
Tue 10 May 10:56 Passing Raffles lighthouse 1:08.98N 103:44.42E
Tue 10 May 10:55 Keeping Singapore on our left and Malaysia on our right and weaving our way through dozens of ships 1:15.08N 103:36.24E
Apr 2011
Sun 10 Apr 05:32 Puteri harbour, home for a month till we set off on the rally 1:25.09N 103:39.50E
Sun 10 Apr 05:29 Completed the busy Malacca Straits, crossed the Singapore channel, gratefully looking for our home 1:16.34N 103:36.15E
Sun 10 Apr 05:27 10Apr early... The southernmost tip of Malaysia, and LOTS of giants anchored here. 1:15.01N 103:30.48E
Sun 10 Apr 05:24 9Apr late... Rain, lightning, big guys on anchor and those challenging us....! 1:36.41N 103:03.98E
Tue 05 Apr 07:06 Marina at Port Dickson: time to SLEEP after overnighters alongside the hugest ships and traffic... and visit Melaka! 2:28.58N 101:50.71E
Mon 04 Apr 03:17 Wishing for wind, dodging fishing boats, grateful for the AIS info on all the big guys out here! 3:20.94N 100:43.15E
Sat 02 Apr 00:05 Georgetown Penang! Marina in old city: wonderful, noisy, vibey, much to see and do.. 5:24.86N 100:20.63E
Mar 2011
Thu 31 Mar 09:19 Swimming in beautiful cool opaque sea off beach at Pregnant Maiden Island.... great start to our voyage south! 6:10.67N 99:48.11E
Wed 30 Mar 03:33 Telaga marina protects us from unusually big bad weather... and we wait for change before we sail... 6:22.02N 99:41.13E
Sun 27 Mar 01:12 last night in Thailand: horrible and very rolly! Bye Ko Lipe... we could not go on shore to visit you! 6:29.04N 99:18.16E
Fri 25 Mar 14:38 Rok Nok again: a trusty stop over for a good night's sleep 7:12.90N 99:03.77E
Fri 25 Mar 14:37 Thurs: Racha Island for a rough rocky night with little sleep... 7:26.53N 98:21.74E
Fri 25 Mar 14:23 Wed / thurs Ao Chalong: clearing out of Thailand for... the last time? 7:48.91N 98:21.28E
Tue 08 Mar 04:06 Go in close to see: no water here! Ketoro on the hardstand for work, we sleeping in apartment nearby. 7:57.64N 98:23.15E
Tue 08 Mar 04:03 Sunday evening off Ko Rang: calm, pretty place to wait for entering boat lagoon at high tide 7:57.12N 98:26.80E
Sat 05 Mar 09:31 First time this side of Racha Yai... time to check out the beach area...! 7:36.53N 98:21.81E
Sat 05 Mar 09:29 4Mar This time a steep walk up Rok Nok to see the magnificent views from the top of the island 7:12.82N 99:03.97E
Sat 05 Mar 09:26 3 Feb Looking onto the white beaches and heavily treed slopes of beautiful Ko Tarutao. 6:41.85N 99:38.40E
Thu 03 Mar 01:36 2Mar Rebak Marina at last getting our new rudders! 6:17.76N 99:41.86E
Thu 03 Mar 01:34 28 Feb Anchored off Telaga Harbour to clear customs and shop duty free... 6:21.84N 99:40.72E
Thu 03 Mar 01:30 Ko Ka Lang.. A quick stop over for a stunning dive off the boat! Such beautiful coral and fish on a pinnacle 28feb 6:29.06N 99:20.11E
Thu 03 Mar 01:27 27Feb Great sailing to Ko Lipe, lovely beach with dozens of bars and wonderful relaxed atmosphere. 6:29.06N 99:18.13E
Thu 03 Mar 01:21 26 Feb Ko Rok Nok a favourite stop-over for yachts doing the visa run...! 7:12.93N 99:03.97E
Feb 2011
Sat 19 Feb 10:07 18 Feb Kata Beach again, enjoying the views, clear sea, easy access to all the land stuff. 7:48.96N 98:17.76E
Sat 19 Feb 10:06 17 Feb Wonderful calm quiet Freedom Bay: on our own but for the fish and birds… 7:52.55N 98:16.36E
Sat 19 Feb 10:06 15 Feb Patong Bay as busy as usual, now with the add ition of massive cruise-liners… 7:53.32N 98:17.24E
Sat 19 Feb 10:05 14 Feb Valentine’s Day at Surin Beach.. very beaut iful, good massages, good food…! 7:58.50N 98:16.52E
Sat 19 Feb 10:04 13 Feb Playing with young ellies Lucky and Lili on Ban Tao Beach! 8:00.37N 98:17.35E
Sat 19 Feb 10:00 10 Feb Back in pretty Nai Yang to wave bye to Mark and hi to Ilana 8:05.50N 98:17.64E
Sun 06 Feb 14:56 Ko Similan island 5 is awesome with crystal water, great snorkelling and a turtle trying to eat the fin on Rolfs foot! 8:34.15N 97:38.69E
Fri 04 Feb 14:48 4 Feb Similan Islands.... So beautiful, amazing water clarity, wonderful rest 8:40.02N 97:38.74E
Fri 04 Feb 14:45 2 Feb Kata Beach... Great massages, nice beach, great meal.... pesky jet skis! 7:48.95N 98:17.71E
Fri 04 Feb 14:42 1 Feb Ao Po Marina to fix batteries made dead by the service people.... 8:04.14N 98:26.73E
Fri 04 Feb 14:41 31Jan Ko Roi... A beautiful wonderful spot with a shrine in the hong 8:11.57N 98:36.60E
Fri 04 Feb 14:39 30 Jan Showing Mark and Livi our favourite spots in the bay.... 8:13.61N 98:30.13E
Jan 2011
Mon 03 Jan 01:29 Yacht Haven.. Home for the boat while we head off to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, whee haa! 8:10.25N 98:20.35E
Sat 01 Jan 15:36 Last night on anchor before our trip to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. A quiet evening... The first in 2 weeks! 8:07.28N 98:26.48E
Sat 01 Jan 03:36 Rounding Promthep Cape in strong gusts on way up to Yacht Haven again. 7:45.25N 98:18.14E
Sat 01 Jan 01:22 Happy New Year! What an amazing party start off Patong Beach: WOW WOW WOW! 7:53.55N 98:17.18E
Dec 2010
Wed 29 Dec 09:19 Kamala Beach: hundreds of beach loungers, jet skis with no speed limits, huge gin palaces behind us! 7:57.58N 98:16.76E
Fri 24 Dec 03:02 Nai Yang... Home for Christmas: beaches, smoothies, yachtie friends, calm waters. And a turtle! 8:05.57N 98:17.68E
Fri 24 Dec 03:00 Freedom Bay: the only yacht here, lovely beach and fair snorkelling in the surge! 7:52.54N 98:16.35E
Fri 24 Dec 02:57 Kata Beach: beautiful sea and seafood lunch on shore, full moon and fire lanterns at night 7:48.97N 98:17.75E
Fri 24 Dec 02:55 Nai Harn Bay, beautiful first w-coast anchorage of the Christmas week: happiness! 7:46.43N 98:18.25E
Fri 24 Dec 02:41 Good ole rolly Ao Chalong, base until the NE season sets in (please...!) 7:48.99N 98:21.28E
Sat 11 Dec 13:54 Phi Phi.. great shelter for the weather but little protection from lunatic boat skippers! 7:43.62N 98:46.25E
Sat 11 Dec 13:53 Ko Rok Nok.. star of French Survivor.. and our haven in howling winds! 7:12.80N 99:04.01E
Sat 11 Dec 13:41 Discovered this anchorage off Ko Bulan North with no help from pilot guides.... beautiful! 6:50.18N 99:41.04E
Thu 09 Dec 00:51 Pulau Singha Besar overnighter. Have started collecting appropriate materials for our Christmas "tree"... 6:12.32N 99:44.67E
Wed 08 Dec 03:38 Come in closer and look at where we are! Towering cliffs on each side, incredibly densely greened with bushes, creepers, immensely tall trees, all cli 6:11.43N 99:47.26E
Nov 2010
Sun 28 Nov 01:27 Tied up at Telaga Harbour Marina for a week 6:22.00N 99:41.09E
Sun 28 Nov 01:19 25 Nov Beautiful bay with wonderful snorkelling on Ko Butang 6:32.46N 99:09.73E
Thu 25 Nov 00:54 24 Nov Stunning limestone cliffs towering over us at Ko Phetra 7:02.02N 99:28.27E
Thu 25 Nov 00:53 23 Nov Ko Lanta.. great fun at Kan Tiang beach 7:29.68N 99:04.28E
Thu 25 Nov 00:50 22 Nov Busy busy BUSY Ton Sai Bay at Phi Phi Don 7:43.88N 98:46.25E
Thu 25 Nov 00:47 21 Nov Pretty Ko Roi again 8:11.57N 98:36.61E
Wed 24 Nov 13:48 20 Nov Showing Sandy, Patrick, Ros a favourite secluded anchorage Ko Hong 8:13.62N 98:30.12E
Wed 24 Nov 13:24 20 Nov Departing great berth at Yacht Haven Marina 8:10.28N 98:20.33E
Sep 2010
Sat 11 Sep 14:24 Yacht Haven: home for Ketoro while we go home to SA 8:10.19N 98:20.47E
Aug 2010
Sun 22 Aug 15:27 Ko Rang....beautiful island with marvellous long beach 7:57.10N 98:26.80E
Sun 22 Aug 15:22 Escorted by hundreds of little fish whilst snorkelling on reef at Ko Hae (Coral Island)... they all expect to be hand fed! 7:44.87N 98:22.44E
Wed 18 Aug 13:27 18 Aug Stunning Ko Dam Khwan: Chicken island! Spectacular sunset behind the towering chicken head rock ... plan 2 days here. 7:57.41N 98:48.69E
Wed 18 Aug 13:26 17 Aug Ko Muk... lovely bay with beach projecting from the cliffs; longtail central for fishermen so very noisy. 7:21.59N 99:18.49E
Wed 18 Aug 12:55 16 Aug Anchored off Ko Tarutao... peaceful, beautiful, protected; home of sea eagles! 6:42.57N 99:39.95E
Fri 13 Aug 13:27 Rebak Marina at Pulau Langkawi: aircon, swimming pool, shady trees.... what's not to like!? 6:17.78N 99:41.89E
Tue 10 Aug 09:49 Malaysia again: Telaga Harbour Marina for a few days to explore Pulau Langkawi before returning to Thailand! 6:22.02N 99:41.06E
Mon 09 Aug 11:29 Lovely spot off a beach on Ko Laen, east of Ko Taratao; tomorrow clear in at Langkawi 6:42.74N 99:40.25E
Sun 08 Aug 13:30 Second time at Ko Rok Nok and just as lovely... but no beach supper and big winds! Glad of mooring buoy.. 7:12.92N 99:03.98E
Sun 08 Aug 01:49 Overnight at Ko Racha Yai (Island King Big, literally) with lighted fishing boats making the horizon glow. 7:36.48N 98:22.75E
Mon 02 Aug 02:00 Yacht Haven Marina: potential spot to leave boat when fly out? 8:10.26N 98:20.43E
Jul 2010
Mon 19 Jul 07:10 Ao Po Grand Bay Marina: the luxury of being tied on and only a hop from the beautiful Phang Nga Bay islands 8:04.19N 98:26.72E
Mon 19 Jul 06:48 Ao Chalong.... "home" harbour for clearing in/out formalities 7:48.96N 98:21.27E
Thu 15 Jul 16:52 Another anchorage at Phi Phi Don: beautiful as before but less busy and less polluted... definitely the favoured spot! 7:46.69N 98:45.93E
Wed 14 Jul 03:51 Stopped over at Ko Ngai for two nights while the Kothes celebrate their 31st anniversary! 7:24.78N 99:12.85E
Tue 13 Jul 02:38 On the way back: stop-over at Ko Bulon Le with a walk in the village followed by enormous braai baracuda steaks! 6:49.75N 99:32.73E
Sat 10 Jul 02:24 We are in Malaysia! Berthed in Telaga Harbour on Pulau Langkawi (island) for a weekend of sight-seeing before returning to Thailand 6:22.00N 99:41.01E
Thu 08 Jul 15:18 Wednesday: rested over at Koh Lipe in the Butangs for two days, enjoying the island, water and stars. 6:29.95N 99:18.67E
Thu 08 Jul 15:18 Tuesday: Stopped over at The Beach (Maya Bay) then overnight stop at Koh Rok Nok, with a picnic supper on the sand at sunset. 7:12.75N 99:04.08E
Thu 08 Jul 15:18 Monday 5 July: Doing the tourist thing on Ko Phi Phi Don: enjoying the sights, shops, meal at a beach restaurant. 7:43.89N 98:46.20E
Thu 08 Jul 15:17 Monday 5 July: leaving Ao Chalong with John and Wendy on way to Malaysia via the scenic route! 7:48.96N 98:21.28E
Thu 08 Jul 14:59 Wed 30: On way back to Ao Chalong after burglary; anchored off Ko Rang Yai 7:57.39N 98:27.36E
Thu 01 Jul 15:43 Ko Hong: anchored here in paradise yesterday, with limestone cliffs soaring above us and fascinating explorations of a beautiful lagoon on the dinghy. 8:13.60N 98:30.11E
Jun 2010
Sat 12 Jun 01:46 Luxury!! Absolute luxury!! Tied up at a marina; shore power and water (wow!); chance to get onto land and explore.... and do lots of boat jobs! 7:57.77N 98:23.16E
Thu 10 Jun 14:28 In Tahiland at last!!! Anchored in Ao Chalong on Phuket island to do formal clearing in procedures. We made it!!! 7:48.85N 98:21.26E
Tue 08 Jun 13:08 Almost through the heaviest ship traffic in the Malacca Straights. Now to Thailand.... 6:20.38N 96:05.02E
Tue 08 Jun 12:53 Departed the beautiful anchorage at Pulau WE, Sumatra after 2 wonderful nights sleep! On way again.... 5:54.55N 95:18.40E
Sat 05 Jun 07:45 When the mountain comes under you and creates a great hole before you, the best thing to do is focus on sailing by your instruments and ignore your ho 5:42.59N 93:41.34E
Fri 04 Jun 13:52 After 24 hours of horrible stormy seas, are now happy to have that behind us and be 200 miles from Sumatra. 5:29.16N 92:06.51E
Thu 03 Jun 06:08 Pleasant winds gave way to gales, which are carrying us with them... luckily they are also going to Thailand! All well on board. 5:15.71N 89:10.31E
Tue 01 Jun 09:49 Well, here we are! Middle of the sea and so forth...! Really lovely winds.... although they pushed us too far south and we had to get back up there ag 4:57.78N 85:09.55E
May 2010
Sun 30 May 13:08 South of Sri Lanka on a beautiful sea running under the asymmetric spinnaker; no fish (beans yeah!) but beautiful dolphins.... 4:24.60N 81:10.10E
Fri 28 May 13:19 In the middle of nowhere, with good winds: all sail, no motors required! 4:25.79N 76:38.33E
Wed 26 May 15:41 Last night in Hulhumale lagoon... leave tomorrow for Thailand! 4:13.14N 73:32.11E
Sun 23 May 02:52 Our last fun anchorage (Velassaru resort island) before returning to Male and then departing for Thailand 4:07.12N 73:26.00E
Sun 02 May 06:26 Protected coral garden millpond at Gaafaru Atoll... echoes of Bassas da India 4:45.95N 73:23.64E
Sun 02 May 06:11 Amazing 32nd anniversary dinner on the beach with the Candys at Helengeli Island 4:37.85N 73:33.35E
Sat 01 May 16:47 There are 2 kinds of skipper: those who have grounded and those who have not yet grounded. This is where we joined the aforementioned club. 4:14.70N 73:32.12E
Apr 2010
Wed 28 Apr 14:50 Kept waiting a week here at Hulhumale for cruising permit. Now have permit... will cruise! 4:13.27N 73:32.16E
Mon 19 Apr 07:36 Extremely isolated, anchored on Felidhe Atoll; no islands, only reefs and turquoise seas 3:29.28N 73:17.21E
Sat 17 Apr 08:03 Anchored in a reef-enclosed lagoon in Mulaka Atoll: stunning! Alone and private... yet near 2 stilted resorts! 2:51.87N 73:33.09E
Wed 14 Apr 15:13 Anchored in North Huvadhoo Atoll, a beautiful calm haven after 2 windy tiring days! 0:50.88N 73:11.05E
Tue 13 Apr 02:23 The Equator at 0630: crossed the stormy, cold line with booze, chocolates and an apple upside-down cake! Shared with King Neptune... 0:00.00N 73:39.67E
Fri 02 Apr 04:52 Gan, Addu Atoll, Maldives; welcomed by a big pod of dolphins! 0:41.14S 73:08.63E
Mar 2010
Tue 30 Mar 04:50 On the road again: good sea, no wind.... clouds building though... 5:00.42S 71:49.02E
Sat 27 Mar 15:12 A full gale brought us here but today spent forgetting as we swam with 30 dolphins! 5:15.30S 71:46.30E
Sat 20 Mar 09:00 Surrounded by sharks but not like those in your big cities.. 5:27.59S 71:48.70E
Fri 12 Mar 14:59 Ile Diamant, Chagos and really being slothful and chilling, but catching nothing but shark from the boat! 5:15.31S 71:46.35E
Feb 2010
Fri 26 Feb 14:06 Anchored in heaven at Ile du Coin, Peros Banhos, Chagos Archipelago... these islands will be home for a few weeks 5:26.83S 71:45.69E
Fri 26 Feb 02:24 We are almost there! See land... with 10nm to go.... 5:21.65S 71:37.13E
Wed 24 Feb 15:34 Half-way point, a long way from land: 545nm to seychelles, 545nm to Chagos, 3800m to the sea-bed! 4:42.21S 64:07.69E
Mon 22 Feb 08:21 Fantastic sailing conditions: good winds, favourable current... heaven! Supported by whales, dolphins, a mile-long shoal of tuna and attendant hundred 4:35.20S 59:32.40E
Fri 12 Feb 09:44 Seychelles haven last weeks.. resting before the big sail...
Jan 2010
Sat 23 Jan 07:23 Port Launay winds and seas really testing our anchor: which comes up tops! 4:39.16S 55:23.88E
Sat 23 Jan 07:15 Laria Bay, Curieuse.. Seychelles home but with marauding butterfly fish! 4:17.16S 55:44.01E
Sat 16 Jan 06:25 Pretty Felicite island, amongst the many we have explored 4:20.18S 55:52.51E
Dec 2009
Thu 17 Dec 16:36 La Digue... beautiful, tiny, quaint charm... expensive! 4:20.90S 55:49.75E
Wed 16 Dec 16:53 3 days on Praslin Island.. finding anchorages with the best land view! 4:18.50S 55:44.62E
Mon 07 Dec 14:35 Home for now: Seychelles Yacht Club Dec 7 4:37.51S 55:27.43E
Mon 07 Dec 14:34 We made it! Dec 6 Anchored in Victoria Harbour to await official clearance,tomorrow. 4:37.31S 55:28.52E
Mon 07 Dec 14:34 Headed east to avoid piracy in SW, now turning north Dec 5 7:23.63S 55:39.98E
Mon 07 Dec 14:32 Farquhar group Dec 2, red-foot booby hitched a ride till dawn! 9:58.50S 51:11.50E
Mon 07 Dec 14:29 Last night in Madagascar Nov 30 12:14.60S 49:00.30E
Mon 07 Dec 14:28 Started on passage to Seychelles with some anxiety over weather and pirates... Nov 29 13:18.04S 48:10.63E
Nov 2009
Sun 15 Nov 17:53 Still night in protected anchorage... like a bus station with 8 other boats here! 12:54.58S 48:34.68E
Sat 14 Nov 11:49 Beautiful Tara Bajina and snorkelling off the boat 13:01.72S 48:32.47E
Fri 13 Nov 07:04 Nosy Fali An anchorage to hide from the predicted W wind that was awful in the ferocious suprise storm from the East
Fri 13 Nov 06:43 Nosy Komba: beautiful island where soft, gentle Lemurs jump lightly onto your shoulder for bananas 13:26.57S 48:21.14E
Mon 09 Nov 17:49 Lokobe Nature Reserve towering lush green 13:24.85S 48:20.27E
Mon 09 Nov 17:47 Beautiful tiny marine reserve for two days 13:28.99S 48:14.42E
Sun 01 Nov 10:25 Russian Bay.. beautiul, wild, remote, good storm hideout if necessary 13:32.88S 48:02.44E
Oct 2009
Thu 29 Oct 05:47 Anchored at Sakatia island off Nosy Be; formally cleared into the country and ready to cruise 13:18.94S 48:09.69E
Tue 27 Oct 14:13 Anchored at Sakatia island off Nosy Be... meal on shore tonight YAY!!! 13:18.94S 48:09.69E
Tue 27 Oct 14:13 Anchored at Sakatia island off Nosy Be... meal on shore tonight YAY!!! 13:18.94S 48:09.69E
Tue 27 Oct 05:16 Tranquil river anchorage to hand over goods transported for others.... 13:42.83S 47:54.17E
Sun 25 Oct 19:21 Wonderful Nosy Iranje anchorage... our first Madagascar island! 13:36.07S 47:48.43E
Sat 24 Oct 11:43 From becalmed to hectic to becalmed, but one constant is the curent against us.... 14:46.68S 46:04.22E
Fri 23 Oct 15:19 Hot hot hot ... still still still day....! 15:13.28S 45:03.54E
Thu 22 Oct 18:28 Rocking and rolling up and down....! 15:48.11S 43:26.01E
Thu 22 Oct 07:15 Hello! How are you? Thanks for popping in to visit us! Heading straight on to Nosy Be.
Wed 21 Oct 07:06 Still at sea.... Juan de Nova ahead in case we need to stop for weather. 18:37.00S 42:34.40E
Tue 20 Oct 06:03 Night sailed with a dozen storms around us, racing us up to NW Madagascar 20:15.25S 40:42.09E
Sun 18 Oct 13:14 Anchored at Bassas da India: absolutely astounding atoll, reef fish hiding in our shade 21:28.39S 39:43.71E
Sat 17 Oct 13:18 Swam in ultra blue ocean, enjoyed fish braai, watched feeding frenzy of birds, sharks take place around and UNDER us! 21:43.75S 38:06.14E
Sat 17 Oct 04:24 Heaven: night sailing with sky awash with stars and sea with phosphorescence, favourable wind and current. 22:11.84S 37:36.20E
Fri 16 Oct 13:12 Frustrated: pitiful wind and big current south 23:06.70S 36:27.61E
Thu 15 Oct 14:36 Wahoo! First fish for supper... and another one.. 23:38.20S 35:31.31E
Thu 15 Oct 05:53 Inhambane harbour 23:51.95S 35:22.55E
Mon 12 Oct 08:21 Waiting. Anchored off pretty Linge Linge near Inhambane... public hol in Moz 23:44.10S 35:23.60E
Sat 10 Oct 18:57 Anchoring in rolling sea at Inhambane Bay, Mozambique 23:46.93S 35:30.64E
Sat 10 Oct 09:11 Massive melodious whale foghorns over the ocean. 24:12.36S 35:28.53E
Fri 09 Oct 16:39 Swimming in the channel 24:56.50S 34:24.00E
Fri 09 Oct 06:17 Prolific marine life and spectacular whale sightings in amazing Mozambican waters 25:19.98S 33:36.27E
Thu 08 Oct 05:44 Learning curve with Code Zero, obliging ship's captain's avoiding action, 4 whales, 100 dolphins 27:14.76S 32:48.46E
Wed 07 Oct 21:12 I'm being folllowed by a moonshadow 28:00.94S 32:35.45E
Wed 07 Oct 15:06 Bumping along with whales and Yacht Time Out to port 28:27.00S 32:26.00E
Wed 07 Oct 06:22 Second time from RB, now with Yacht Time Out 28:49.55S 32:08.03E
Tue 06 Oct 13:36 Second round in R Bay 28:47.53S 32:04.99E
Sun 04 Oct 20:54 engine trouble turning back all fine 28:40.60S 32:17.80E
Sun 04 Oct 15:50 Pos 28:49.64S 32:09.46E
Sun 04 Oct 14:42 Departure 28:47.52S 32:05.00E
Sun 04 Oct 14:09 Leaving now 28:47.50S 32:05.00E
Sep 2009
Mon 21 Sep 10:48 pos 28:47.50S 32:05.00E
Mon 21 Sep 04:46 pos 29:09.00S 31:44.00E
Sun 20 Sep 15:40 pos 29:53.28S 31:06.00E
Sun 20 Sep 05:32 pos 30:27.00S 30:42.00E
Sat 19 Sep 18:59 pos 31:04.00S 30:17.00E
Sat 19 Sep 15:39 pos 31:20.00S 30:00.00E
Sat 19 Sep 07:34 pos 31:58.00S 29:15.00E
Fri 18 Sep 23:51 pos 32:34.00S 28:39.00E
Fri 18 Sep 16:44 pos 33:00.00S 28:00.00E
Fri 18 Sep 12:20 pos 33:21.00S 27:32.00E
Fri 18 Sep 05:26 pos 33:48.00S 26:38.00E
Thu 17 Sep 22:13 pos 34:07.60S 25:45.80E
Thu 17 Sep 09:05 pos 34:11.23S 23:55.00E
Thu 17 Sep 05:31 pos 34:17.00S 23:31.80E
Wed 16 Sep 20:42 pos 34:20.00S 22:23.00E
Wed 16 Sep 17:04 pos 34:24.00S 21:52.00E
Wed 16 Sep 12:34 pos 34:29.00S 21:10.00E
Wed 16 Sep 03:58 pos 34:53.00S 20:09.00E
Tue 15 Sep 20:51 pos 34:43.90S 19:14.50E
Tue 15 Sep 13:43 pos 34:22.00S 18:30.00E
Tue 15 Sep 10:36 pos 34:07.30S 18:16.20E
Tue 15 Sep 08:05 pos 33:53.00S 18:24.00E
Aug 2009
Tue 04 Aug 16:13 Ketoro position 33:55.10S 18:27.00E
Jun 2009
Tue 23 Jun 14:05 web diary 33:48.08S 18:27.73E
Mon 01 Jun 19:26 Planning for a different world 33:47.21S 18:27.35E