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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Aug 2013
Sun 18 Aug 09:07 washing machine
Sat 17 Aug 08:52 Grey Room 47:43.5N 6:07.1W 47:43.50N 6:07.10W
Fri 16 Aug 15:18 More grey 49:00.0N 4:29.1W 49:00.00N 4:29.10W
Fri 16 Aug 05:42 Grey and no pies 49:28.9N 3:47.7W 49:28.90N 3:47.70W
Thu 15 Aug 17:58 start 50:07.28N 0:41.5W 50:07.28N 0:41.50W
Tue 13 Aug 00:55 Departure nears