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Antilochus Ltd/Jess Dawkes


Oyster 62-08


We are cruising not racing so don't tempt us!!

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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Jul 2016
Mon 04 Jul 15:20 On the move 38:20.80N 8:31.03E
Jun 2016
Tue 28 Jun 20:11 Farewell Sant Carles 40:23.64N 0:50.43E
Sep 2015
Thu 10 Sep 17:06 the good, the bad, and the squally 40:54.32N 4:33.18E
Wed 09 Sep 16:48 arrivederci, ciao, buon viaggio! 41:12.17N 8:08.01E
Aug 2015
Thu 06 Aug 17:34 we made it! 41:01.99N 9:31.44E
Tue 04 Aug 18:57 mother nature 39:43.60N 12:27.34E
Mon 03 Aug 16:48 Messina Straights and Aeolian Triangles 38:23.74N 15:34.65E
Sun 02 Aug 19:02 We are sailing, we are sailing... 37:47.25N 18:02.40E
Sat 01 Aug 17:21 Re: Sardinia Bound 38:14.59N 21:19.72E
Sat 01 Aug 15:41 Sardinia Bound 38:14.59N 21:19.72E
Jun 2015
Fri 26 Jun 12:41 Arrived! 37:41.78N 24:03.58E
Thu 25 Jun 17:46 Bridges and Canals 38:15.33N 22:15.85E
Wed 24 Jun 17:00 all good things must come to an end 37:23.34N 18:31.55E
Tue 23 Jun 16:31 On the Way 36:33.72N 15:01.21E
Mon 22 Jun 16:28 Departures!
Mon 01 Jun 13:13 Re: 36.46.85N 014.32.81E 36:46.85N 14:32.81E