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Howard Fairbank

South African / Australian


Wandering Around the World Solo by Yacht, Bike, and Sea Kayak

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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Mon 07 Jan 01:09 Finale from Tortola 18:24.94N 64:36.85W
Dec 2007
Thu 27 Dec 13:05 Day 19: Safely on Anchor at Road Town Mission Completed! 18:24.94N 64:36.85W
Wed 26 Dec 12:43 Day 18: Very close now..but conditions quite challenging! 18:47.03N 62:40.72W
Tue 25 Dec 14:19 Day 17: Merry Christmas and the Atlantic delivers a few presents too! 18:49.62N 59:42.65W
Mon 24 Dec 13:38 Day 16: A real slow day, but one to enjoy! 18:35.15N 56:52.83W
Sun 23 Dec 14:46 Day 15: Great sailing...and the chef and mechanic are busy! 18:46.70N 54:53.06W
Sat 22 Dec 13:13 Day 14: An almost needed, relaxing day...but the mileage shows it! 19:21.30N 52:06.41W
Fri 21 Dec 12:03 Day 13: Well I wanted a challenge....hmmm!! 19:33.07N 49:34.10W
Thu 20 Dec 11:35 Day 12: Real busy...so just positios today! 19:53.47N 46:45.28W
Wed 19 Dec 13:05 Day 11: What a productive and enjoyable night......! 19:58.13N 43:34.74W
Tue 18 Dec 12:27 Day 10: A busy night, but over halfway mark!! 20:16.54N 40:40.50W
Mon 17 Dec 13:11 Day 9: Heading south pays.....A wonderful night of Trade winds! 20:31.27N 37:42.75W
Sun 16 Dec 12:22 Day 8: An important decision to head more south..... 21:13.00N 35:07.38W
Sat 15 Dec 12:55 Day 7: Things have changed.....Trades very close now! Action too..... 21:48.48N 32:37.20W
Fri 14 Dec 11:18 Day 6: Hopes for a big day ...but more waiting to come! 21:48.13N 30:00.65W
Thu 13 Dec 14:22 Day 5: Post Capitulation and sundowner party! 22:02.93N 27:17.72W
Wed 12 Dec 13:03 Day 4: Capitulation and ....ohh it feels good! 22:51.90N 24:53.21W
Tue 11 Dec 12:40 Day 3: Another 'better day'....... 24:14.94N 22:40.92W
Mon 10 Dec 12:47 Day 2: A better day, and feeling more relaxed..
Sun 09 Dec 12:58 Day 1: A slow and frustrating day..... 27:12.17N 18:07.52W
Sat 08 Dec 10:18 Day 0: Bye bye land! Solo but not Alone 28:05.27N 17:06.55W
Fri 07 Dec 20:38 Day -1: Solo but not Alone! 28:05.27N 17:06.55W
Sat 01 Dec 09:58 Part 1: My Highlights and Perspectives from 15 May to November 2007 28:05.27N 17:06.55W
Sat 01 Dec 09:54 Part 2: My Highlights and Perspectives from 15 May to November 2007 28:05.27N 17:06.55W