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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
May 2010
Fri 07 May 10:02 Arrive and settle in Cochin 9:59.12N 76:16.07E
Apr 2010
Thu 29 Apr 11:06 Goa 15:30.34N 73:48.99E
Tue 27 Apr 10:59 Jaigarh - fishing village stop for one night 17:17.39N 73:13.53E
Fri 16 Apr 07:43 Arrive safely in India! 18:56.11N 72:48.28E
Sat 10 Apr 08:45 Another Waypoint ticked off 19:38.61N 63:36.95E
Thu 08 Apr 11:50 Called home from the Arabian Sea 19:05.66N 59:30.26E
Mon 05 Apr 17:48 Aiming for those islands about 100 miles NE of here 16:55.54N 54:29.40E
Mar 2010
Wed 17 Mar 15:55 Oman at last, don't those frigates look big! 16:57.68N 54:00.10E
Mon 15 Mar 18:27 Only 2 knots-who keeps stopping? 15:37.04N 52:58.58E
Fri 12 Mar 17:39 Dropped our hook in Al Mukallah, Yemen 14:32.04N 49:08.07E
Wed 10 Mar 19:46 Bloody fishing nets off the Yemeni Coast! 13:36.94N 47:52.31E
Tue 02 Mar 18:01 Phew-finally made it to Steamer Point, Aden 12:46.29N 45:02.89E
Feb 2010
Sun 28 Feb 17:56 Hope all those fishing boats are friendly! 12:44.51N 43:20.14E
Fri 05 Feb 17:48 At anchor Massawa 15:35.54N 39:26.99E
Tue 02 Feb 16:14 At anchor Khor Nawarat 18:14.29N 38:19.90E
Jan 2010
Sat 30 Jan 17:42 At anchor-Trinkitat 18:40.06N 37:44.82E
Wed 20 Jan 18:30 Future Five Star destination at Marob 21:50.20N 36:51.49E
Mon 18 Jan 18:17 First Tinker to Sail the Red Sea 24:36.55N 35:06.95E
Wed 13 Jan 17:37 Diving at Port Ghalib 25:32.04N 34:38.16E
Nov 2009
Sun 29 Nov 12:54 At anchor: New Hurghada Marina 27:13.57N 33:50.53E
Sat 28 Nov 19:44 Anchored Endevour Bay, Tawila Island 27:33.72N 33:46.94E
Sat 28 Nov 19:42 Hit 10kn in F7-8 27:50.59N 33:39.82E
Sat 28 Nov 19:40 Moored in Sheikh Riyah Harbour 28:09.82N 33:39.26E
Wed 25 Nov 14:53 At anchor Ras Sheratib 28:35.57N 33:11.66E
Wed 25 Nov 14:51 Landed small tuna doing 8.5kn! 28:44.27N 32:59.32E
Mon 23 Nov 14:05 At anchor Mersa Thelemet 29:03.33N 32:38.12E
Sun 22 Nov 14:09 Dome Marina, North Red Sea 29:26.67N 32:29.15E
Wed 18 Nov 19:04 Port Suez Yacht Club 29:56.85N 32:35.38E
Thu 12 Nov 08:42 Suez Canal: Stop Over In Ismalia 30:35.10N 32:16.33E
Sun 08 Nov 12:51 Moored Up With Rally In Port Fouad, Egypt 31:15.37N 32:18.95E
Sat 07 Nov 12:50 Liz Lands A Dorado! 34:33.77N 29:55.85E
Thu 05 Nov 12:50 Leaving The Black Hole Of Marmaris 36:42.05N 28:19.58E
Oct 2009
Sat 17 Oct 10:39 One week to go before we leave for Port Said, Turkey 36:49.20N 28:18.58E
Sat 17 Oct 09:30 Visit www.followtheboat.com to follow our progress