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Mike Sturrock, Tim Taylor, Richard Clark & Des Crampton go to Svalbard

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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Sep 2014
Fri 05 Sep 23:30 Southbound again - Peterhead to Whitby and on to Lowestoft 52:28.33N 1:45.08E
Aug 2014
Fri 29 Aug 23:56 Across the Norwegian Sea to Peterhead 57:29.76N 1:47.42W
Fri 29 Aug 22:44 Haugesund 59:24.80N 5:15.90E
Fri 22 Aug 08:36 A blow in Bergen then on to Fitjar 59:55.10N 5:18.90E
Mon 18 Aug 10:30 Silda to Floro and on to Bergen 60:23.80N 5:19.50E
Fri 15 Aug 15:13 Bud to Silda and Alesund again 62:00.70N 5:12.10E
Thu 14 Aug 18:53 Kristiansund and back to Bud 62:54.30N 6:54.30E
Thu 14 Aug 09:57 Sorjerfjorden to Uthaug and Mjosundet 63:13.60N 8:30.20E
Thu 07 Aug 22:46 Torghatten to Rorvik and Sorjervagen 64:16.30N 10:24.50E
Sun 03 Aug 19:34 Halsa to Hjartoya via Nesna 66:00.30N 12:24.30E
Fri 01 Aug 11:39 Svartisen and Halsa 66:44.60N 13:32.90E
Jul 2014
Tue 29 Jul 20:25 Bolga beckons again 66:48.20N 13:14.00E
Tue 29 Jul 19:58 Back to Bodo 67:16.90N 14:22.20E
Sun 27 Jul 16:34 Crossing Vestfjorden to Helnessund 67:43.80N 14:46.00E
Sun 27 Jul 15:24 South through Raftsund to Skrova 68:10.00N 14:39.90E
Sat 26 Jul 09:39 Northern entrance to Raftsund at Hanoya, Austvagoya 68:28.20N 15:10.90E
Thu 24 Jul 11:33 Roksoyfjorden 68:48.90N 15:10.90E
Thu 24 Jul 09:46 Harstad 68:47.00N 16:32.50E
Thu 17 Jul 21:15 Southwards from Tromso 69:24.20N 18:03.30E
Thu 17 Jul 21:10 Tranoybotn and Egenes 68:55.50N 17:07.60E
Mon 14 Jul 15:39 Tromso 69:39.05N 18:57.70E
Thu 10 Jul 16:40 Ashore 69:39.10N 18:57.90E
Sun 06 Jul 19:17 Pressing on south 73:21.50N 17:25.20E
Sat 05 Jul 00:41 Heading south 76:53.90N 14:26.90E
Thu 03 Jul 20:26 Beyond 78 degrees North (746 miles south of the North Pole) 78:26.80N 11:50.60E
Jun 2014
Mon 30 Jun 23:25 Fridtjovhamna - a delightful stay 78:07.60N 14:09.40E
Sun 29 Jun 19:03 An icy anchorage 77:00.10N 15:34.70E
Sun 29 Jun 02:27 The land of ice and bears 77:00.00N 15:34.70E
Fri 27 Jun 19:05 Bear Island abeam 74:08.70N 17:58.50E
Thu 26 Jun 18:29 Ever onwards towards Svalbard 71:48.40N 18:40.60E
Wed 25 Jun 19:18 Into the Barents Sea 70:19.40N 19:22.80E
Tue 24 Jun 19:29 Underway in Tjeldfjorden and inner lead to Tromso 69:22.60N 18:05.30E
Mon 23 Jun 18:45 Approaching the Lofoten Islands 68:00.40N 14:47.70E
Sun 22 Jun 18:48 And the bonny boat was one 67:16.90N 14:22.10E
Fri 20 Jun 21:15 Thoughts of The Dry Salvages 66:48.20N 13:14.00E
Thu 19 Jun 10:50 A familiar tale 66:29.70N 12:05.00E
Mon 16 Jun 18:43 Tornes, now leaving Bud for...... Lofotens 62:54.00N 6:54.00E
Sat 14 Jun 19:46 One day in Alesund 62:28.28N 6:09.14E
Fri 13 Jun 15:31 Norway 62:28.30N 6:09.20E
Tue 10 Jun 17:57 Held up in Lerwick, Shetlands 60:09.26N 0:08.55W
Sun 08 Jun 17:11 59:15.84N 1:08.7E 59:15.84N 1:08.70E
Wed 04 Jun 21:15 53:44.00N 000:23.84E 53:44.00N 0:23.84E
May 2014
Fri 23 May 23:48 51:19.877N 1:25.165E 51:19.88N 1:25.16E