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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Apr 2017
Fri 21 Apr 07:18 00:34.55N 97:44.15E 0:34.55N 97:44.15E
Thu 20 Apr 10:57 0:54.54N 97:16.78E 0:54.54N 97:16.78E
Wed 19 Apr 06:54 01:24.03N 97:10.46E 1:24.03N 97:10.46E
Tue 18 Apr 06:53 02:02.22N 97:07.38E 2:02.22N 97:07.38E
Mon 17 Apr 12:08 02:23.85N 96:28.99E 2:23.85N 96:28.99E
Sat 15 Apr 10:04 02:50.05N 95:54.44E 2:50.05N 95:54.44E
Sat 08 Apr 13:53 05:53.27N 95:19.23E 5:53.27N 95:19.23E
Tue 04 Apr 02:45 09:25.41N 96:55.53E 7:49.02N 98:21.50E
Mar 2017
Sat 25 Mar 13:21 08:00.49N 98:57.72E 8:00.49N 98:57.72E