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Date: 16 Jun 2009 17:23:30
Title: Monday 15 June 39:03N 37:18W

Monday 15 June
Midday Position 39:03N 37:18W
Awoke to a beautiful morning, with our sea moderating and a steady breeze of 15-20knots. We are on our rhumb line and heading directly to Horta, Azores. We are getting carried along with a good steady current and have concluded 150miles this last 24hrs. We have a full mizzen, a reef in the mail and a reefed genoa this morning. But a little cool still, certainly great to have the sun shining. Lots of work completed around the boat by Richard an industrious man and great at fixing everything. Everything still damp from our battering so maybe a chance to dry off today. Richard and Carmel not eating much today so cheese and crackers on their menu for lunch, Paul wanting an asian flavour so giving him a microwave noodle lunch, and made Mark (with the cast iron stomach) a turkey, cheese, onion and chutney sandwich. Making up a stew for dinner with the last of our meat it has lasted well in Richards very efficient fridges. More dolphins again today but they didn't stay long just a brief visit before heading on their way somewhere to catch fish, speaking of fish still no luck with the line although Mark did say he reeled it in last night and another lure has disappeared off the wire so they are big fish that are taking them!!! Would be wonderful to catch some more, even though Richard doesn't like fish the rest of us do....Every morning we do our jobs around the boat cleaning and helping Richard on his many tasks, he has one more head to fix before Friday when Philippa arrives.
Spotting a few large jellyfish creatures just a big lump of brown coloured stuff, but very big indeed, Mark spotted a sleeping shark about 4ft long on the surface last evening also only a small one. We all enjoyed a drink for happy hour last night a nice change to sit out there again, and the chef feeling much better too, roast veges to accompany the stew.

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