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Date: 15 Jun 2009 17:16:34
Title: Sunday 39:03N 37:18W

Sunday 14th
Midday Position 39:03N 37:18W
Had a bumpy ride during the night, but we had SE winds 20-25k which kept us humming along, over on a port tack with waves crashing over the bow and the starboard side all night, was hard getting around the boat as she was surfing along, day started okay but soon turned cold and overcast so still wrapped up when we are outside, a good wind blowing all day and we had 2 reefs in the main, with one in the mizzen, covering a lot of ground at this rate as have the current with us as well. Chef Carmel not too good in these conditions and none of us feel like eating any way, but Mark produced one of his specialilties for lunch (which was a fry up of left overs and rice) but great all the same, so Carmel pleased, Paul covered dinner for her as well throwing together a canned supremo!! No nibbles tonight in 'Ahab's Lounge' as we fondly refer to the stern of the boat, as too  cold but did notice Mark and Richard having a wee drinkie and some crisps about 5.30pmish. They both have strong stomachs!! Winds of 25-30k kept up all night and I had my worse night at sea so far, felt like I was in a tumbler going around and around, finally dropped off when Paul came off watch at 4am, so will be tired tomorrow, but should be a sunny day, haven't seen the sun in a day or so.

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