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Date: 14 Jun 2009 14:37:19
Title: 39 35.622N 40 51.569W

Wed 10th June

Midday Position 37:02N 50:01W

Lovely moonlight night and awoke to a lovely calm sea and beautiful sunshine and clear sky, wind NNE. Dolphins visited again this morning and there was also a flying fish on deck. Mark promptly cooked this up for his brekky!! At lunchtime we stopped the boat and put out a rope with a fender attached and Mark jumped off the bow and swam back to stern, the water was very clear and he said quite warm!! This still did not convince the rest of us to jump in. Anyhow threw Mark the camera and he took some shots of us on the boat a nice contrast. Kept motoring on and suddenly motor died so it was time for a filter change. Cooler evening and a great sunset.


Thurs 11th June

Midday Position 37:56N 48:12W

Still awaiting those westerly winds, the charts showing them coming but we are still hunting them down, still NE and motoring. Sea oily calm. Winds up again this afternoon so sailing again, dolphins visiting again only briefly, saw another turtle also, much cooler today have our winter woolleys on. Ship passed to stern must be heading to Europe or UK. A cloudy dark night and cool as well.


Fri 12th June

Midday Position 39:05N 46:17W

Cloudy, fine and a slight sea this morning, Yacht ‘Cacuga’ an Oyster 65 passed by this morning coming from Antigua bound for Horta and Southampton 8 days out. Making good time. Had another visit from the dolphins again nice to see them. Clouds disappeared but is very cold wind from the East and we are huddled out of the wind. Having easy dinner tonite, have a reef in the main and genoa. Lots of water coming in Carmels cabin, she is now sleeping in the saloon on the floor wedged up against the table (not too thrilled about it all – she will be glad to see land).


Sat 13th June (Happy Birthday to Richard)

Midday Position 39:54N 43:56W

Had planned on giving Richard hash browns this morning but too hard to be in galley for any length of time on this tack, a struggle going to the heads!! So it will be a cup of soup day I think, Carmel whilst cleaning her teeth forgot to shut the above hatch and caught a huge wave which doused her, she is not impressed this morning after her second nite on the saloon floor. We heard the fishing reel go about midmorning and Mark raced up to reel his line in, it looked like a bill fish, and put up a reasonable fight, but as Paul tried to land it, off it came disappointing us fish lovers, never mind maybe tomorrow we will catch another. Very cold out today and cloudy not too much sun, wind chill making it about 12deg. Richard spotted a whale just off the stern hopefully it wont attach itself to Marks line. Will be on canned food for dinner tonite as still too hard for the chef in the galley. Mark and Richard celebrating Richard's birthday with a lovely red wine.


Sunday 14 June 13.30 UTC

Beam wind and seas a bit uncomfortable with spray everywhere, But, we are pointing at Horta and travelling at 6.4knts just over 560 miles to go, at this rate we should be there on Thursday.


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