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Date: 10 Jun 2009 13:36:21
Title: Wed 10 June - 36:58.980N 50:14.001W approx 1000nm to go

Sat 6th June

Midday Position 36:25N 60:09W

Winds got up today from the SW causing us to reef the genoa early in the morning by lunch time we had to reef the main as big gusts coming in. Seas starting to build a little with the wind, had a good run of 126 nm.

Winds really gusting now and we had to reef the mizzen as well and two reefs in the main saw a large container ship off the port bow, looks like she is heading from US to Southhampton or Europe. Seas are moderate, decided to have left overs for dinner as a little rough to try and make dinner tonite, also noticed our barometer is dropping as well!! May well get some rough stuff overnight. Saw lots of petrals (sea birds) nice to have their company out here on the high seas.


Sun 7th June

Midday Position 36:17N 56:54W

All of us had a rough nite last night due to the seas and rocking of the boat, have moved Carmel into the saloon and I am sleeping on the floor in the saloon on mattresses, its too bumpy up in the bow for any one, like riding a rollercoaster and we know that Carmel hates those!! Cloudy and overcast this morning and barometer still dropping. Seas growing with swells up to 5m today made Carmel stay below as too blustery and waves breaking with splashes over the cockpit at times, wind gusting up to 35 knots and growing, Mark recorded the biggest gust at 50knots Richard told Carmel she has experienced her first Force 9 Atlantic gale!!, took down the main and genoa in as well only mizzen up, Carmel slightly awed at the size of the waves, at least we are surfing them wonderfully. Just eating cup of soups and biscuits with tea. Did see a wonderful sight of a small pod of dolphins come over (grey in colour with spots) and watching them surf the huge rollers was amazing, they kept up with us for about 10mins and disappeared. But we made some good time today doing 7/8knots riding those big rollers.


Mon 8th June

Midday Position 35:58N 54:30W

All of us a bit sore this morning with bracing all nite, boys did 2hour shifts overnight, with wet weather gear on, life jacket and harnesses, was wet all night with a large swell still, but some clear patches of sky.

Cloudy and cool this morning but swell has diminished (thank goodness).

Wind gone around to North so having to motor as do not want to head south any more and want to stay on rhumb line for Azores. Not going very fast so will be a slow day, clouds and bad weather heading south leaving us with a nice sunny day and some wind for drying out the sodden bits. Had baked beans on toast for lunch and having stew for dinner good hearty food. About 5.30pm Mark spotted a white piece of floating plastic alongside the boat and having a nibble on it was a turtle, the first we had seen since leaving the BVI. Carmel did good job on stew it was wonderful. Big event of today was Mark caught a Petrel in his fishing line, looks like the wing got caught up, Mark was able to haul it in and release it and it flew off fine.


Tues 9th May  

Midday Position 36:38N 52:17W

We awoke to a beautiful day with W winds, sky was clear with light seas. Mark, Paul & Richard set the cruising chute and the mizzen staysail wish it could be like this all the time. We all slept well too, very tired after our Force 9 gale!!! Did a little drying off today and catching up on washing, plus sorted a storage cupboard that had a leak. Temperature similar to a summers day out sailing in Marlborough Sounds NZ, so all enjoying the sun and reading in the afternoon. Near sunset Mark saw a water spout and 5mins later we all heard the shout Whale, off the starboard side we spotted a big pilot whale he must of came up to have a look at us and then headed north. Not long after that Paul called out Dolphins and a small pod heading SE came over and played with us for about 20mins ducking and diving under the bow and riding the waves, a great site. Earlier Paul had also seen another turtle. Unfortunately today Mark lost his fishing line and lure so those elusive fish will have to wait for another day...before we catch them. Winds got up later and we changed to mizzen,genoa and main after dropping the chute and staysail. Temperature has dropped and we are in jackets eating lovely home made hamburgers for dinner. Yummy!! So may be a cooler night for us all. 

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