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Date: 01 Jun 2009 03:08:36
Title: Sunday 31 May - at anchor St. George Harbour, Bermuda - 32:22.769N 64:40.370W

Sunday 31st May – at anchor St. George Harbour, Bermuda.

We finally arrived into Bermuda yesterday Sat 30th May at 1pm, after motoring for the last 24 hrs to get here due to calm winds. A beautiful bay on entering very green and lush compared to BVI.  After doing customs, anchoring the boat and having lunch we set about the most important job of finding a laundry!! St George is a pretty town with all buildings painted in shades of bright colours with a contrast trim making it very colourful. Main town is Hamilton and much larger than we expected but one of the cleanest we have seen in the islands. The roads are narrow with some beautiful beaches surrounding the island. Paul and myself hired a scooter for a day and set about finding a supermarket to provision from and trying to see as much as we could before dark. We all enjoyed a great meal at the local yacht club last evening accompanied by a lovely NZ Matua Pinot Noir. Rained hard last night and Richard’s cabin still leaking so a job for the boys today. Found a supermarket and it was a hilarious site watching Paul and I loaded up with no less than 6 bags of shopping on the scooter, but we made it back with no losses. Bermuda very expensive as we are finding out, but with avg wage USD91,500 and houses USD1.4 million one can see why. The cars all new and small amazingly not the huge gas guzzlers the Americans have. Plan is to check the weather and leave midday tomorrow after stocking up on our fresh provisions. If it looks too calm we may wait another day. Mark and Richard have met up with crews from two other yachts also heading for Horta, Azores tomorrow so will be great having company along the way.

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