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Date: 25 May 2009 16:57:00
Title: 21:16.992N 60:53.953W

Mondays Blog:
Message for Emily, Michael & Oliver, and Elaina
I'm out here in the wide ocean enjoying the trip, no other boats in sight and very little wind so the trip is slow so far, looking forward to seeing you when we get back to Yarmouth.

Paul & Carmel's blog

Day One - Sat 23 May 2009


Up anchored at 0930hrs from Anse Marcel, St Martin and

took a starboard turn into the eastern end of Anquilla Passage which is the obvious route to clear the near islands of Anquilla (UK) and St. Martin (Fr.).


We were greeted by a slight sea from the SE and 15 knots ESE breeze. Fair skies with high cloud and 26 degree temps made for a nice send off from the Caribbean.


Our Leg 1 destination port of Horta on the Azores island of Faial is some 2176 nautical miles away to the ENE.


With all sails set we were almost able to maintain the rhumb line (direct) course for the Azores ably assisted by the new Hydrovane unit which we had fitted to Adventuress.


By the time we had gone 20 miles the wind had gone lighter and the west setting current was already taking us north of our desired route. The forecast is for light variable winds for the next 4-5 days which will enable us to get our sea legs at leisure but may necessitate more motoring than we would have liked earlier on.


Most notable thing to happen so far was the sighting of a whale (species not confirmed). It was about 10-12m long and came over to the boat but did not surface close. This lead to the Hydrovane being dubbed “Ahab” as we had been discussing a name for it when Mark sighted the whale.


Don’t think we have enough food so have decided to ration it from now as that way know how much we have left after the first week, oh what a bugger.

Had nice dinner of lasagne and salad last night with enough over for another dinner another night.


Day 2 - Sun 24th May

Awoke this morning about 7.30am with a big squall over us and lots of wind which threw us about and everyone up on deck to get a reef in the main and the genoa.

Watches were all completed by the boys on board and being chief cook and bottle washer I had the night off.  First watch starting at 8pm to midnight, winds were light over night and we stuck by the Frenchies (who are sailing a Beneteau called Aunis) headed for the same destination.


Weather today is overcast and the sea flat so not much wind since the squall this morning and having to motor to get to the direction we want. Just after lunch we heard Mark’s fishing rod reel zoom off and he got to it and started to reel in but the fish got off just close to the boat, guys think it was a barracuda so no great loss to us. Still have the Frenchies in sight just off the port bow, lets hope we get more wind and start sailing.


Seems cooler today without the sun shining on us but a days respite from the sun wont hurt as we all have a little sunburn from the last week. Spotted a small pod of dolphins off the port side about 5pm they were jumping and showing off and cruised with us off the bow a great sight to see.


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