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Date: 02 Jul 2009 13:26:50
Title: Thursday 2nd July Position 48:31N 9:56W

Thursday 2nd July
Position 48:31N 9:56W
We ended Tuesday evening with Mark and Paul spotting another whale blow off to starboard but we didn't see much other than that, always seems to be around this time now starting to expect to see them. We enjoyed a wonderful meal of lasagne, salad and feeling so much better decided to lash out and make a dessert for everyone as well so with full stomachs the later watch boys went off to bed and Mark, Phillipa and I sat down and played a great couple of games of Mexican Dominoes, lots of fun. Our weather Tuesday overnight was good with 10-20knots from the Sth and kept us on course with smooth seas so a good nights sleep for us all. Woke up to a lovely sunny day and a slight sea, but we can see lots of cloud around so will build up no doubt. After viewing the weather chart looks like we may have to motor for a couple of hundred miles due to no wind but a lot of lows around, so we will have to keep an eye on things. At midday Wedsnesday we have only 470 nautical miles to go, looking forward to getting there. Our midday position for Wednesday is 47:34N 12:39W.
Phillipa cooked a fantastic chicken curry last night so we are not starving......even though we have all lost weight!!
Woke today Thursday quite late, due to the lovely calm night both motoring and sailing, I was able to move from my spot on the floor in the main saloon back to our forward cabin up in the bow, although everything was very damp, it was a good nights sleep and didn't wake till nearly 9.30am. The engine sounded different and seemed to be surging, and about an hour and half later she died, so we are sitting with 202 nautical miles to go until 'The Lizard' plus we have no wind, so drifting about on the edge of the continental shelf at present while Richard having just finished his bacon butty, now has his head down in the engine room trying to fix it!! Lets hope that happens soon, as although we have enough tinned food for at least 2wks we really would like to back on Saturday and eating a ploughmans special at a local pub and a good pint of english beer.
This morning Mark on his watch saw a fin off the bow, and suddenly saw a Minke whale do a dive, he thought about calling us all up but it would of been all over by then so he tells us!, we all are skeptical about this story coming from Mark......after all his great fishing losses as well!! So I leave it to you readers of our blog to have the final say......
Hopefully we will be underway in the next hour or so......................... yes Richard has got us going. (Well done Richard).
While we were sitting waiting for Richard, I spotted some whale blows and Phillipa and I spotted a pilot whale off the port side, then we saw another two blows about 200m off the port stern, then we all saw a huge pod of pilot whales off our starboard side about 100m away there was about 100 or so all travelling in a SE direction in family groups of 4 or 5 or even two. With the flat sea and beautiful sun shining it was an awesome sight indeed and took a good half an hour for them all to pass by, directly followed by a small pod of dolphins the same distance away from the boat diving fast through the water heading in the same direction as the pilot whales they looked like they were feeding as travelling so fast. What a magnificent sight to see for us all, we were all mesmerized by it, probably cost us £100's pounds to view what we saw. So Mark's story is looking like it may be true!!
Well a beautiful day, with cloudy skies ahead but we have broken into shorts once again, and Phillipa dying to get a tan is sunbathing in her bikini.

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