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Date: 30 Jun 2009 12:20:01
Title: Tuesday 30th June Position 46:28N 15:51W

Tuesday 30th June
Position 46:28N 15:51W
Hi Back Again, a wee problem with a sickness they call Sea....quite surprising really as haven't had a touch of it, but must of gained my land legs quickly on reaching Terceira and it was a rolling sea when we left as did not let up really, but came right after 3 days, not a very pleasant thing to experience and thanks to all those to warned me what to expect and ways of dealing with it...!! {Who ever invented it I ask?} Great to have Phillipa on board who took over my role as chef and kept the men fed. {Thanks Phillipa your a trouper} We experienced another Force 9 gale with high winds and rolling seas, seas not quite as high as our last Force 9 with top wind recorded at 48knots but lots of rain and wind never the less it was with us for all of Sunday night and still had rolling seas yesterday morning, but by late afternoon the sun was shining and seas had abated. Once again the dolphins visited on track each day and we saw our fair share of petrels, Phillipa was keen to spot some whales and yesterday (Monday) she saw some blows off the stern about 4 of them and huge blows heading into the sunset, we judged by the size of the blow they must of been Sperm Whales, oh to have seen them closer up would of been magnificent, but they were too far away. Last night we saw another blow but again too far off the starboard side to see any more, hopefully tonight one may come closer for Phillipa to get a good look. We all had a good nights sleep last night the first since we left the Azores as reasonably calm sea, and making good on our rhum line too, looking at the chart plotter we have as of today 615 nm to reach our destination of the Isle of Wight, so we are flying through the ocean on our way home, with good wind and no calms so far it is great, I guess feeling like we need to make land and stop now, with just on a month at sea I feel I have experienced it enough and quite happily live on land. Will be proud of my efforts to achieve this crossing and have the chance to do it, another thing ticked off the 'Bucket List'. We have just checked the weather chart for the next couple of days, and some highs on the way, so if we get the edge of them we will get good Southerly winds all the way to the UK. That what we are getting now and sailing on at 7knots racing back. Saw our first big ship on this section of the crossing last evening looks like an oil tanker crossing from the US to the UK, amazing our we look forward to ships crossing!! Have tried again contact our friends on 'Aponuvi' on the VHF but to no avail so we can only deduce they are out of range, good to get there before them as they are fast on the water and nice to have a little competition in play.  

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