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Date: 29 Jun 2009 15:55:31
Title: 45 29N 18 38W

Well the weather has not been kind once again, to many lows in our path and each one a trial. We have had no wind and also gusts to 50knts but worst of all quartering seas that have rolled and corkscrewed Adventuress so that one minute I am lying on my bunk and then air bourn and land in a different place (painfully). Carmel, our intrepid blogger, has taken a few days off and would like to sit in a deckchair under a palm tree, hopefully she will be back online tomorrow, only 599mls to go to Falmouth if only we could go straight there, but with the wind up our chuff we will gybe tack there. Hope to arrive in Falmouth 4 or 5 July.


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