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Date: 26 Jun 2009 12:16:13
Title: Friday 26 June Position 40:44N 26:09W

Friday 26 June
Position at 11am 40:44N 26:09N
Nice sunny day and moderate seas, with a north wind, lots of sea birds (Petrels) about and we have had a visit already from the Dolphins, nice to know our sea creatures are once again with us on our travels.
We all enjoyed Faial very much especially the food and the friendliness of the people, on the Sunday, Howard off 'Aponuvi' our friends from Bermuda, Mark, Phillipa and myself all went walking up the Caldero an extinct volcano crater edge on a cool misty cloudy day, of course we could not see anything much bar the path directly ahead of us, a pity as it was a great walk in fact what should of taken us 2.5hours took closer to 4hours as at the top of caldero we lost our track and after attempting 3 different paths and having to back track and find our original path, Phillipa finally found what looked like a sort of a path and was probably a cow track it eventually led onto what seemed more of track leading in the direction we knew we should be heading and it was the correct one. If the mist had lifted we would of seen clearly where we were heading, but in all a fun day even though we were quite tired with all the extra trekking.
On Tuesday 23rd we sailed along with 'Aponuvi' over to the island of Terceira as we had heard they were having a festival for 4 days, it was a very beautiful sail and we had a great a view of the island of 'Pico' and 'Sao Jorge' a huge big expanse of island. It took us all day to get there and arrived about 6pm. A lovely harbour with fantastic facilities but the swell where we were tied up made the ropes squeak and groan all night long and one did need ear plugs.
All the streets were decorated wonderfully for the festivities and stalls set for selling food and beverages. The shops looked beautiful and all had fantastic top quality goods in them and beautiful displays for the festival. We found out the parade started at 9pm so after indulging in some drinkies aboard with our friends we all set off down town to secure a spot for the parade. The parade consisted of different dance troupes each group in different costumes, possibly to celebrate the sun, the harvest and different agricultural themes, each group sang and danced their way down the main streets each group accompanied by their own band. The costumes were beautiful and we were amazed by the attention to detail on them all. We did not stay till the end, but friends told us it ended at 3am!! We all slept soundly of course the Wed 24th was the actual saints day and the whole of the town was closed for the day, also it was the day when they held the 'Running of the Bulls' through the streets. We all wanted to attend this and get good view points high up of course!! Also that evening we found out they had a number of matadors over from Spain to host the bullfighting in the arena. Paul and I gained a good spot right in the main square of the action in a little bar which was boarded up in front to hold off the bulls but with just enough space for the guys to sneak in when it all got too much action in the streets. It was definitely a bar full of testorone filled men, smoking heaps and drinking heaps before they braved the bulls in the streets. We were told most years the bulls are tethered but this year they were to be running free. All available spaces were taken up on top of street vendors roofs, trees, window ledges, trucks, verandahs and anywhere you did not want to be chased by a mad bull. The action kicked off with 4 loud bangs andthen you saw the guys running on the streets, the bulls at first were disorientated and just followed the streets around but next time round the guys got into it and started taunting them, wow not for the faint hearted these young guys can run and you need so once the bulls chases you, we had some great action just outside where we were and took some fantastic photos, one bull came right up to where we were, we saw guys getting lifted up by the bulls and one guy was thrown and knocked completed unconcious until they came and rescued him, another bull attacked a truck and another tore through the crowds and knocked over people and got himself stuck in a street bar until they tethered him and took him away, he was an angry bull that one. A great show and I guess we felt sorry for the bulls in the end as they are teased and taunted something terrible and looked rather tired in the end. We enjoyed a fantastic meal afterwards on the waterfront of, veal, cheeses, king prawns, and chirizo sausages fit for a king. A siesta was then required before headed back out that night for round two of the parades which was  very small incomparison and consisted of the small children of the island in a similair dance routine with bands as well. We then entertained ourselves with drinkies and sensational seafood from the bars and listening to the music. Next day we stocked up with the last of our fresh provisions from a local market behind the cathedral and headed away about 1pm onward on our journey to the UK, the day was cold and fresh and with a fantastic wind we made good progress, although once again our first night as sea not so comfortable until we gain our sea legs.  We had a visit last eveningfrom the dolphinsalso. So lets hope the sun keeps shining and the winds stay favourable.

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