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Date: 17 Jun 2009 23:28:20
Title: Wednesday 17 June Position 38:37 N 30:15W

Wednesday 17 June
Midday Position: 38:33N 31:13W
Hi Everyone,
A great morning clear, calm and sunny just what we wanted, a fabulous calm night and we all had a great sleep. Although we would all love to have wind, we have obviously reached the Azores High, so be it and that means motoring for at least a couple of days. Our anticipated ETA is now Thursday about 5am so the boys tell me, I have also told them not to wake me for landfall at that hour being a lady of leisure I do like to have my beauty sleep!!
Anyhow Mark tells me the Dolphins visited again this morning to say hello to us all, they are becoming a frequent visitor to us and we will miss them as have grown fond of them on this journey. Even Richard slept soundly and was late on his shift of watch keeping this morning!! I let Paul sleep in as he is on the midnight - 4am shift so nice for him to get a sound sleep in the mngs. Our day was warm, calm and hot  and even got my bikini on for a spot of sunbathing. Mark spotted a yacht off the starboard side this morning and after lunch he called us up for a chat a couple of Swiss - German with a small 3 year child, they have come from St Martin heading for Horta as well. So we have arranged to met at a Cafe in Horta for a catch up. Another container passed our way this late this afternoon passing directly in front of our path. Mark and Richard enjoyed a great afternoon nap while Paul kept watch and I enjoyed the sun and a good book on the aft deck in 'Ahab's' lounge plus enjoying the Dolphins in such clear waters when they visited again this afternoon, I wonder what it would be like to go back to work after this, it doesn't bare thinking about really. Certainly a time for reflection on such a beautiful calm sea .
No wind all day and we are still motoring and watching the distance to go on the electronics eagerly, hoping to see Flores in the distance but too much cloud on the horizon to be visible.
Made another loaf of bread as everyone enjoyed yesterdays loaf, lovely to smell it baking throughout the boat. Mark offered to make dinner this evening, I am not at all into meat at present so really enjoying the pasta, rice and other bits we have been eating of late.
Looking forward to landfall in Horta and exploring our new destination, we haven't been able to find out much about the island so it will be a new experience for us all.
Looks like it will be a calm, motoring night for us but will be busy on watch for the boys, as have passed a fishing boat already off our Port side and bound to be more boats as we near the island.

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