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Date: 16 Jun 2009 22:47:49
Title: Tuesday 16 June 38:43N 34:07W

Tuesday 16 June
Midday Position
A fabulous morning and calm seas all night, Mark and Richard up early and have hosed down the deck and have everything up drying in the sun and have woken me up Paul and I sat up late watching a movie last nite for a change (thank goodness for computers). A clear, cloudless sky and warm weather GREAT. Everything up and out and drying. Richard has finished doing the chain locker, the heads, cleaning the floors in his cabin and heaps of other small jobs he has on his list. I decided to make the boys a surprise for morning tea and produced a chocolate cake just out of the oven, as we all know it was received wonderfully. Feeling in the mood as such a calm day, and seeing as we have finally finished our last loaf of bread, made a loaf of bread as well, turned out good and well received again with left over stew for lunch. Only 245 miles to go now till we reach the Azores should be there Thursday morning some time according to all the analysizing type programmes Richard has on his computer. Still hoping for some fish on Mark's line, but not much happening really. We will be near the Continental Shelf tomorrow so that may be of some help. Paul saw a huge cargo ship in the early hours and they called him up as a yacht overdue so checking so see if its us. Winds easing off now and only 5-13knots but a great sailing day. And back on with the shorts and t-shirts again!!! Everyone scratching about for more reading material as we have all devoured a great many books on this wonderful trip pleased I brought at least 30 books which Richard is now devouring. I have enjoyed learning all about the weather charts we receive every few days and it seems even though the charts say one thing, we are can be experiencing something else.
While enjoying a good book sitting soaking up the great sun this afternoon I spotted a container ship on the horizon, Paul on watch at the time and low and behold it was coming straight at us, not so unusual really but we called him up to no avail, so turned to Port and avoided a collision with the 'Baltic Trader' no doubt they never even saw us in their path, what a worry during the day as well, one can certainly see how you can be hit by one of those great big hulks and they just keep on going too. Scary thoughts!!
Lovely sitting out for Happy Hour on the stern in our 'Ahab's Lounge' in the sun tonight, having olives, cheese & crackers, salsa and chips (we are hard done by!!) having a rum when a group of dolphins joined us again, they were beautiful bigger than the others we have seen and very much like the Common Dolphin we have back in NZ, there was a huge pod off the stern feeding no doubt so some of them decided to swim over and entertain us again. Also while sitting enjoying our rum, we suddenly saw a whale 'blow' just to our starboard side and sure enough it was Minke whale a huge one headed right for us,no doubt heard our engine and did a turn around our stern, just as well as it was big, lovely to see it. We have been treated to a fantastic amount of sea life this crossing I will never forget some of those magic moments to offset the not so good ones. Cooler tonite and on with the jackets etc to enjoy dinner and await everyones watch.

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