The Beginning...

Peter & Chris Reuter
Sat 9 Dec 2006 13:51

The Beginning….


Saturday, 9 December 2006


A start is a start, even if it happens seven years after the actual start.

It is all to do with technology. Modern technology has enabled us to create state of the art solutions, like this Web-Diary, via satellite communications from anywhere in the world.


Hi, we’re Peter and Chris Reuter from the sailing yacht ‘Chatti’. We are presently resting in Las Palmas, Canary Islands before crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean Islands. We are creating this Web-Diary for family and friends to enable them to keep in touch and follow our adventures.

Our journey around the world started on April Fools Day in 1999. This is somewhat late in getting started, but, we will try and present some of the last seven years in a brief way, based on log recordings and pictures taken along the way, before keeping you updated in the future.


The Boat…





‘Chatti’ is her name. She is a 14.25 metre steel ketch and was built by her crew over a period of six years in the early 80’s. Easter 1986 turned out to be the date for the launch of Chatti. Portland, Victoria, was the place where the first splash took place. Chatti is a custom design cruising yacht based on the Bruce Roberts Mauritius 43 design.


The Crew…


Peter is the captain and general hand for all repairs and maintenance in exotic places. His background in electrical, electronics and mechanical engineering, have turned out to be of great benefit for the ongoing tasks aboard the ship.


Chris is the navigator and is responsible for the well being of the crew. Chris’ background in physiotherapy and her endless list of day to day skills including ‘a la carte’ cooking, make her the perfect person to compliment the captain.


Both crew members carry out the many tasks of sailing the ship when under way.



Peter and Chris


The Journey…


When first commenced, the journey was little more than a plan to sail from Adelaide in South Australia to the east coast of Australia.

Plans are made to be changed. This one was no exception. Following a two year period of cruising Australian waters, the captain and his mate decided to sail a little further and this turned into a journey around the world.