Conor & Marion Wall
Sat 22 Oct 2011 03:14
Tonga: We spent over a month in Tonga awaiting a suitable weather window for the long sail south to New Zealand. So we had plenty of time to explore the many anchorages in the many islands that make up this chain. However most of our time was spent around the northern Islands as these provide more protection in the event of bad weather. So VaVa’u is the group of islands and the only town there is Niafu.
These photos taken of people from outline islands arriving in Niafu Town for a festival. All arrived by boat before dispersing to various accommodation with friends and family.
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The Post Office above with a blow up of the letter box. Two typical country shops, even some town shops look like this.
Some local scenes around VaVa’U Island Tonga.
m_DSC03311Occasionally the odd job requires to be done on ‘Toucan’
Our visit to the caves and what can happen when you drop your anchor in the wrong place as our friend did. The bottom photo is of a Fruit Bat and a very friendly Eagle Ray.
Preparing food Tongan style, all veg etc. cooked in the ground and the pig roasted over the fire. A large group of us sat around and devoured the lot at a local persons home. And all for about the equivalent of about £10.
Cruisers love a good party, no excuse required and all you need is a beach and some food and strange clothing.
m_DSC03576Trying out a diving system where you leave the Air Tank on the boat. Useful for cleaning the bottom of ‘Toucan’.
Pretty sunset in Tonga and Squall approaching.
Locals making Mats and Wraps. Marion and I trying on the Wraps used at weddings by the Bride and Groom. Last photo: a young girl in a local school puts on a dance display during a scheduled visit by some us.
A local boy shows us how to open and eat a raw clam and some more fish for the collection, Bonito & Kingfish. Beautiful.
The parents of the local boy above.