Diary input

Sat 26 Sep 2009 10:17
Dear diary,
This is our first diary input, it's now Saturday 26th September 2009 with only 70 days to go until kick off!!  Three weeks left when 'Spirit of MA' leaves the UK for La Gomera. 
All our preparation is coming together albeit a little slow, we have just completed all necessary paper work for Woodvale.  Currently in the process of sorting out our SAT phone and contract with 'mailasail', what a great team (thanks Ed).
Collating all our last pieces of equipment and gear, our plan is to send as much of our gear with our boat, although we have been lucky in the fact of talking directly to Monarch airlines about flying a lot of our gear out, fingers crossed.
Both Dean and I plan to make regular entries into our diary so watch this space!!
By for now.... 

Neil / Dean


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