First 24hrs

Sun 30 Jun 2019 12:04
After some final comms issues in Lymington we left the dock to fuel up. After a number of litres we departed Berthon at 1000 just in time to get mixed up with the Round the Island Fleet in Hurst narrows.
We picked our way through those drifting only getting moaned at by one boat. Once clear of the fairway we had a great beam reach out into the Channel.
The wind dropped so it was engine on again and then the wind filled in from the West to 15-20kts. It was hard on the wind for a few hours but then dinner was required so we put the jib away and motor sailed. As it was the first night we continued this set up over night until the wind died completely at 1000 off France.

We are now in the Bay of Biscay, Lovely and calm and Dolphins swimming along side.

Sat comms are up and down so we will try and update the position if we can. It may be Tuesday once we are near the coast of Spain .