Still in Lagos.

Sat 25 Oct 2008 16:52
Today its my birthday, so its about time I updated this blog.
Still in Lagos, we lifted out on the 20th October, cleaned the underside of the hull touched up the Anti Fowling, and replaced the main anodes. The prop Anode cost E70 from the chandlery here, I know it’s a special but even so that was expensive but everything in Portugal is expensive, at least to me, and some of the other boats also think the same. We were back in the water the 21st October.Still looking for crew for the leg to Las Palmas, no luck so far.
A strange incident occurred yesterday, during the night a boat must have come into the Marine and laid a fishing net right round pontoon O which whare Sunbeat is moored. It was found the following morning, and after much effort by several boats the marine staff and the Maritime police it was removed, but it was half a mile long. Why waste a net like that, since to remove it it was trashed and only fit for the bin afterwards.
That's it for now.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Skipper Dave!